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10 Careers To Choose If You Love Art

A lot of people adore art and are great artists themselves. But only a few of them actually decide to pursue art professionally. Art-related careers are notorious for being difficult to get into and ill-paid.

But these stereotypes aren’t always true. If you’re willing to get a degree (perhaps, even a Master’s) and study a lot, you can eventually build a successful career. In college, you’ll have to write a lot of essays. So if you can’t manage it by yourself, look into college papers writing help. Nonetheless, there are enough art-related jobs that are not only creative and fulfilling but also high-paying. Here are a few to consider.

#1 Illustrator

Illustration is a perfect profession for people who love both art and fiction. Using their talent, illustrators help authors tell stories and potentially change lives. Or they can work independently and create their own visual narratives. It’s a fulfilling and thoroughly creative career.

Admittedly, most illustrators don’t make much money, at least at the beginning of their careers. But it’s totally possible to develop your own recognizable style and earn popularity on social media. Another option is to work with advertising agencies. This pays well.

#2 Art teacher

Art lovers who are more into academic art and enjoy working with people should consider a career in teaching. You have options. Teaching at school is a perfect choice for anyone who loves kids. Working as a college art professor pays better, but you have a long academic journey ahead of you. Finally, giving private art lessons suits people who are looking for more flexibility in their jobs.

#3 Animator

In contrast, a career in animation makes sense for art lovers who are more into technology-mediated art and digital formats. Animators’ main task is to create frames that, when sequenced, turn into moving images. While drawing skills help, they aren’t a must to be a successful animator.

Animators often work in game development, which is great news. Gamification is a thing, so a skilled animation professional will have no trouble finding a job in the foreseeable future. And you’ll get to create characters and even entire universes. Sounds nice, right?

#4 Photographer

Similar to animation, photography doesn’t really require drawing or painting skills. Having a good artistic vision and knowing your way around a camera is enough. Also, there are tons of career options for photographers. You can be a photojournalist, a fine art photographer, a wedding photographer, and everything in between. Or you can switch to videography if that’s something that intrigues you more.

#5 Digital designer

Digital design is an awesome career for people who appreciate art and technology and would like an opportunity to apply their knowledge in both. Digital designers work on digital design solutions for whatever you can think of, from online magazines and websites to email templates.

A lot of industries hire digital designers. You could be working on a brand campaign, creating graphics for social media influencers, and whatnot. Digital design is also a great career choice if you are a team player. It implies collaboration with other design professionals, including animators and illustrators.

#6 Graphic designer

There’s quite a lot of overlap between the professional responsibilities of a digital designer and a graphic designer. But that’s the case with most design-related jobs. Graphic design is yet another career with basically endless options. Some of the things you could be doing as a graphic designer are:

  • Developing creative ideas and concepts (for anything, from an online media outlet to a branding campaign)
  • Specializing in logos
  • Working on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) solutions
  • Designing packages, and more.

#7 Art consultant

But not everything’s about design and digital art in art-adjacent fields. Another exciting career you might want to pursue is an art consultant. Art consultants’ job is to be mediators between art buyers and sellers. The scale of their operation varies: you can work for an individual buyer or be in charge of finding works for an entire gallery. It’s up to you.

To be a successful art consultant, one needs to be not only an art connoisseur but also an excellent communicator and sales expert. If you have all of these skills and are a hard worker, you’ll earn more than decent money.

#8 Art director

But if a high salary is among your top priorities (which is totally understandable), consider becoming an art director. It’s one of the highest-paying art-related jobs (up to $150,000 and more, depending on where you work and how good you are). And it’s very exciting as well.

Art directors are typically in charge of the entire art concept, be it for a gallery exhibition or a branding campaign. They oversee the work of designers, artists, illustrators, and other art professionals working on the project. Becoming an art director is the right decision for creative art experts with out-of-this-world managerial skills.

#9 Textile designer

Now, the job of a textile designer has basically nothing in common with what an art director does, which once again proves how diverse art-related career paths can be. A textile designer creates unique patterns for fabric and cooperates closely with fashion designers. If you’re into fashion, textile design might be exactly what you’re looking for.

#10 Tattoo artist

Finally, the career of a tattoo artist is pretty self-explanatory. It’s another hands-on art-related job that suits artists who prefer working manually. If you invest in SMM and choose the right clients, being a tattoo artist also pays well. But obviously, it’s the wrong career for anyone who is grossed out by touching strangers or seeing blood.

So, which art-related career to pursue?

As you can probably see from this list, someone choosing a career in art has a variety of options. If you are looking for maximum creativity, consider illustration or fine art photography. If you’re into money, become an art director or a motion designer. Outstanding people skills will make it easier for you to succeed as an art teacher or art consultant. The world is your oyster.

Jeff Campbell