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10 Surprise Gifts Every Parent Will Love

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Are you looking for a surprise gift for your parent? While some kids may opt to give Dad that grill set or Mom a mothers ring, there are other ways to get creative too.

Look no further! Here are 10 surprise gifts every parent will love!

1.  Wise Owl Outfitters Travel Hammock

For the parent who loves the outdoors.

What parent doesn’t want to relax or get a bit of sleep if they manage to have a moment to themselves? And what better place to do it than the great outdoors? Wise Owl is rated tops in terms of providing the best lightweight and compact option on the market.

The nylon material only weighs 26 ounces, which makes it easy to add to your hiking bag or luggage to take as you travel. The hammock supports 400 pounds of weight and has 8 feet of hanging ropes connected to secure carabiners so your parent can get creative about which tree they decide to lie beneath and rediscover their zen.

2.  Nest Thermostat

For the energy-conscious parent.

Introduce an essential bit of technology into your parent’s home and potentially help them save money over time by reducing their energy use. The Nest Thermostat makes it simple to optimize heating and cooling in your house by connecting your smartphone and using voice commands.

The Nest pairs with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to help you easily create temperature schedules and monitor and reduce your energy usage. Another great feature warns you of any potential issue with your HVAC system.

3.  Le Chateau Wine Decanter

For the vintner parent.

For any parent who considers themselves a wine connoisseur, this decanter is a natural gift choice. With an angled neck and long spout, the Le Chateau decanter is designed to allow oxygen inside to provide proper aeration to whichever wine you decide to pour inside. Aeration emboldens natural wine flavors and improves overall taste.

This lightweight decanter is hand-blown and made of crystal — making it a beautiful and thoughtful gift choice.

4.  Coffee Subscription

For the parent who loves coffee.

Can your parent not live without their morning cup of coffee? This might be the gift for them! A coffee subscription ensures they’ll never be out of coffee again – making it a gift that keeps on giving and that reminds them of you each morning.

When you sign them up for a subscription to their favorite drink, you’ll save money versus placing separate orders regularly – an excellent value for you, plus a gift your parents will appreciate each day.

5.  AeroGarden Harvest

For the parent who’s into sustainability.

If your parent loves the idea of growing food but doesn’t have the backyard garden space to do it, the AeroGarden Harvest makes their dreams a reality. Some perks of the AeroGarden include developing multiple varieties of fruits and vegetables at a time, adjusting the LED lighting to accommodate the different plants, and Wi-Fi connectivity to remind you to water and tend to your garden.

6.  Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

For the parent who likes to try new things.

Want your parent to take their cooking to the next level? Have them try sous vide! Sous vide is French for “under vacuum,” referring to the style of cooking, which first requires sealing meat in plastic or silicone bags and then cooking at high temperatures in pots of water.

If you think your parent will be a little hesitant to adopt this unique cooking style, know that the Anova Precision Cooker takes care of most of the work once the device is attached. It tracks the water temperature and alerts you when your meat is cooked to perfection and ready to remove.

7.  Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station

For the parent that likes things organized.

For any parent who has an eye for organization and style, loose cords are the enemy. You can easily remedy this problem by purchasing a charging station. This bamboo organization tool will keep charging cords and devices separate yet in one location, so no device gets misplaced.

The natural bamboo looks excellent and is neutral enough to blend in with any home decor. All cords tuck in nice and orderly behind the station, so none poke out in unseemly ways.

8.  Charcuterie Board Set

For the parent who’s into house parties.

If you have a parent that’s into entertaining, chances are good you’ve experienced one of their attempts at charcuterie. Help them up their charcuterie game with this board set that’s made of 100% bamboo to resist food odor and knife scarring.

This board features a slide-out drawer for a wine opener and utensils like cheese knives and mini forks. The drawer also provides additional space for extra cheese and crackers. Your parent will entertain to their heart’s content!

9.  Magic Makers Back Neck Shoulder Massager

For the parent who needs to treat themselves.

Give your parent the experience of a massage without sending them to a masseuse. Have them slip this massager over their shoulders, and they’ll quickly drift away into a wonderland of relaxation. It features three levels of intensity and a heat option to assist with aches and pains.

To add resistance levels, your parent can slip their arms through the bottom of the shoulder loops to pull the straps to their preferred level of tightness. This massager is perfect for parents who have trouble spots that need continual maintenance.

10.      Stonewall Kitchen Grilling Favorites Gift Crate

For the grill master parent.

Does your parent pride themselves on their grill game? Why not treat them to a host of grilling goodies! This gift crate features a variety of delicious sauces and rubs, as well as a helpful basting brush and clever prime-cut tea towel. Your parent could discover their new favorite BBQ sauce or rub, all thanks to you!

The Perfect Gift for Your Parent

No matter whether your mother needs to take time to treat herself or if your father wants to learn a new style of cooking, you’ve got the perfect gift for them! Which surprise gift will you buy?

Jeff Campbell