4 Components of High-Security Locks


If you have ever purchased commercial or residential locks, you have probably heard “high-security” being thrown around by the vendor or a locksmith. While it is easy to dismiss it and opt for locks you are familiar with, you are passing out a golden opportunity to improve the security and safety of your building. High-security locks get their name from their unique and superior performance in many applications, making life easier without compromising security. As the leading locksmith service, Top Atlanta Locksmith has extensive industry experience and expertise, allowing us to offer guidance and helpful information regarding the safety of your premises.

If you have lost confidence in your locks’ ability to deter intruders, we have compiled a list of the best door hardware components that differentiate high-security locks from standard locks.

We believe that “high-security” is more than just a statement and could be the difference between staying protected and looking for an emergency locksmith in Norcross at odd night hours.

Pick and Drill Resistant

One of the most significant weaknesses of ordinary locks is their vulnerability to drilling and picking. Standard locks usually feature a pin-and-tumbler, which can easily be bumped or picked using a unique key to manipulate lock pins. As a result, an intruder has various tools at their disposal, making it easy to gain access when faced with such locks. However, a high-security lock can’t be drilled or picked, and it features rotating pins, sidebar, and hardened steel inserts which renders all break-ins pointless.

Heavy Duty Hardware

If you live in an area that’s not secure, it helps to have extra protection, and not just from intruders. Aside from criminal activity, locks face other challenges like harsh physical conditions, which put a lot of strain on standard-grade hardware. Some high-security locks have heavy-duty architectural-grade solutions, making them superior in providing security under challenging conditions. It is vital to consult a locksmith in Smyrna to ensure you buy one that’s fire-rated, comes with heavy-duty hardware, and is certified against windstorms.

Security Layering

High-security locks have taken security to a new level by going beyond physical measures like electronic or mechanical locks. These locks consist of multiple layers of security, such as video surveillance, access control, software, and intrusion alarms. All these features guarantee optimal protection for your premises, and we can help you choose the most suited for your needs. Unfortunately, most people are falsely misinterpreting that high security means high cost and maintenance, which is not the case.

No Authorized Copying of Keys

A copied key can help an intruder pass even the most advanced locking system. For this reason, leading manufacturers have taken steps to stop unauthorized duplication of keys, with added features like a key control system with special restrictions, allowing only specific service providers to copy a key. Most high-security locks come with this feature to deter unauthorized copying of keys. This is usually why high-security locks are preferred for commercial buildings, which tend to have more keys than residential homes.

If you are considering upgrading your locks, contact us at Top Atlanta Locksmith and schedule a consultation with a professional locksmith in Smyrna. We guarantee quality services at competitive market rates.

Jeff Campbell