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4 Realistic Expectations for Online Casino Newbies

It’s a great time to get into online casinos, as there’s more choice than ever and lots more places where you can play with the full backing of the legal system and mainstream acceptance behind you, rather than having to put up with the gray areas and overseas operators that dogged this industry in the past.

Of course for newcomers to web-based gambling, there are also a decent number of potential problems and rookie mistakes to know about and ideally avoid. Most importantly, you need to set your expectations at a realistic level in order to enjoy online casino play, so let’s try to do that with a few key facts.

Security is important, especially for transactions

When playing casino games online, you’ll obviously need to trust the operator with your hard-earned cash. That means making sure the sites you select are using the most secure and trusted payment methods around.

This is easier to do when you visit new Trustly casino sites, which make use of a solution for deposits and withdrawals which is both well protected and takes customer privacy seriously.

Sign-up bonuses are not always what they seem

If you’ve ever encountered an advertisement for an online casino, you’ll probably have seen some tasty looking incentives attached to it to attract new customers.

This could be the promise of a bonus of ‘free’ cash, matched to the amount you deposit when you open your account.

It’s an appealing prospect, but one which deserves closer scrutiny. This is because sign-up bonuses have terms and conditions attached to them, and may require you to wager a set amount before you can withdraw any cash that you win.

There are offers for newbies out there that don’t come with any major strings attached, but it’s up to you to read the small print and discover the difference between deals.

Winning is never guaranteed

Online casinos make billions each year, and they wouldn’t be able to do this if they didn’t have a reliable way of taking cash from their customers.

Like their land-based counterparts, most of the games that are available to play have the odds weighted in favor of the house, rather than the customer, so you should never place a bet in the expectation of winning, because the chances aren’t high of a positive outcome occurring.

That said, there are some games which involve skill, such as online poker. But if you prefer slots or roulette, you’re basically relying on luck.

Whatever your preferences, be sure to set a budget when gambling online, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. It’s advice as old as time, but it still rings true even in the digital era.

You need to be careful about how you connect to casino sites

The security of online gambling is a bit of a two-way street, in that it’s not just the operators who are responsible for keeping customer data safe from malicious third parties.

As a player you also need to be aware of where and how you access casino sites, because there’s a big difference between connecting from a secure Wi-Fi network in your own home, and a public hotspot which is open to anyone in the vicinity.

Don’t assume that you can play on the go without worrying about hackers. Instead, be sensible about your connectivity and keep your personal info close to your chest, just like your cards.


Hopefully you are still feeling excited about the prospect of enjoying online casinos, even with these caveats in mind. There’s plenty of fun to be had for sure, so long as you don’t get complacent.

Jeff Campbell