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4 Signs You Are Undervalued At Work

Do you feel that your workplace or employer isn’t giving you the respect you deserve? These 4 signs might mean your boss doesn’t value you as much as they should.

Being a full time employee is tough work, especially if you feel undervalued. You slog away from 8 till 6, working the overtime hours they ask of you just so you can save for a few days off from working 8 till 6. It’s repetitive. It’s dull. It gets you burnt out over time. If you want to protect your wellbeing and preserve your career, you need to recognise that you are undervalued and rectify the situation. Allowing that resentment to build up unanswered is unhealthy.

The 4 Signs Your Employer Undervalues You

Here are 5 signs your employer might undervalue you and some tips on how to handle it.

1 – Your Employer Discriminates Against You

If you suspect the lack of value your employer has in you is the result of discrimination in the workplace, you must seek legal advice. If people like yourself do not stand up and say enough is enough, these bullies will discriminate those that come after you. Nothing will change. Seeking legal advice from an employment lawyer like HKM, San Diego, guides you through your options. Don’t let them get away with it. Help is out there.

2 – Micro Management and Criticism

One of the things that will erode your endurance in any workplace fastest is criticism. If you consistently perform above targets and your boss consistently gives you negative feedback, you might find there is jealousy at play. Many times in life other people will attack you out of jealousy. They do not realise why you make them angry, but you cannot change that emotion in them. Ask your boss outright how you could improve what you do to better suit them.

If you find yourself in this situation, carefully examine what the higher up managers do. If you consistently score too highly, they may be reluctant to promote you out of a position you do so well in. Remember not to kill yourself working for a job that doesn’t recognise your efforts. If you are in this situation, consider looking elsewhere for work.

3 – Receiving Less Pay

If you are receiving unequal pay but doing the same job as everyone else, it is time to outright demand a pay rise. If they refuse to pay you more, you should involve a union. If you are reluctant to involve a union, speak to a legal advisor to ensure your employer is not breaking the law. Unfortunately, all these solutions will come with negativity from your employer.

4 – Not Getting Credit

If you create a software program that the company sells for thousands of dollars, but you don’t get credit or a bonus for it, that is a serious sign that they do not value you. If you are at this level, it might be time to branch out freelance. Take credit for your work. Be bold. Otherwise, they will step all over you.

Final Thoughts

Rather like your marriage, speaking up is the best way to stop yourself becoming undervalued at work. Schedule an appointment with your boss to tackle the matter head on. Discuss what the problems are and how you can fix them. Remember to keep your boundaries clear. Say no if you must. You work to live; you do not live to work.


Jeff Campbell