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5 Best Fitness Apps for Tracking Your Workouts and Progress

Maybe you’ve decided to try a new sport to get fit, or you’re hoping to beat your current personal best – a fitness app can help. Using an app to track your workouts, whether that’s running, cycling, or weightlifting, means that you will have access to in-depth data, which you can use to help you reflect on your performances. But how do you choose which app is best? Whether you’re looking for the best personal training apps, or an app to simply track your progress, we’ll look at 5 of the best below.

Why use a fitness app?

With many of us having access to a smartphone, fitness apps can be helpful when it comes to improving our overall health and fitness. There is a fitness app to suit everyone – whether you are looking for an app to help you track activity so you can see how you’re progressing, or an app that can offer you a range of workouts to help you reach your goals. Fitness apps can help you learn new exercises you may not have tried before, whilst also allowing you to track your steps, reflect on your progress, and even help you to stay motivated.

You can choose an app to help with personal training, cycling, running, or yoga – the choice is yours and there is something for everyone. With so many on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you – making sure you do your research is key so you can get the best from your new fitness app. Here are 5 of the best apps you can try for tracking your workouts.

  1. Future

This is one of the most advanced fitness apps on the market. It gives you access to a personal trainer on your phone, at the fraction of the cost it would be at the gym. If you have an Apple watch, you can sync it to your app so that your personal trainer knows how you’re performing. It allows for personalization, one-to-one check-ins, and a range of weekly workouts to keep you on track. When you sign up, you’ll be matched with a coach that suits you, your fitness levels, and your personality – from here, your plan will be made.

  1. Fiit

This app is great for those of us that prefer to work out in a class rather than one-to-one. The Fiit app provides you with high-energy classes suited to varying fitness levels, and you can choose whether you’d prefer on-demand or live training sessions. The classes themselves mean you can work out whenever is convenient for you. You can also choose from strength classes, classes to help improve overall stamina and even yoga for something more relaxing. You can track your progress and follow a range of exercises to suit your needs so you can achieve your goals.

  1. FlexIt Fitness

This is a great option for those of us that are always on the go and need an app that suits our lifestyle. You can book sessions whenever is best for you for a range of disciplines like cycling and HIIT. Unlike some of the other apps, you can create your own plan to suit you so you can fit your workouts in and measure your progress in a way that suits you. As well as this, you can take advantage of physical therapists and nutritionists to boost your overall well-being and help you to get fitter, and stronger.

  1. Fitbit

Whilst you’ll need a wearable Fitbit device to get the most from this app, the features make the initial purchase worth it. When you wear the device, you can track elements such as your heart rate, steps taken, sleep quality, and calories burnt. But as well as this, you can track a range of activities which means you can closely track how you’re progressing with the help of in-depth data. Whether you’re swimming, cycling, or running, you can simply put your device to use by recording your activity, and when you’re finished, it will collect the data so you can see how you performed. You will also receive a weekly report to see how you’re developing.

  1. Strava

Another great app that can be used to help you track activity is Strava. Strava allows you to track your cycling, running, and hiking routes, allowing you to share your progress with friends, and others in your community. It allows you to find new routes, means you can track various elements of your exercise like distance traveled, and allows you to see how your friends have been performing too. This is a good option for those of us that enjoy a bit of competition to keep us motivated!

Jeff Campbell