5 Best Places to Buy a Country House in Florida

The best locations to purchase a home

Florida is extremely popular with foreign nationals and Americans due to the absence of personal income tax and affordable average housing prices.

With 1,350 miles of beautiful coastline and sunny weather most of the year, it’s no surprise that the local housing market is one of the most successful in the country. Although many people still work remotely because of COVID-19, the Sunny State is becoming an attractive place to buy a country house.

“The market is hot, as is our weather,” real estate experts say. “There is a very high demand here.” Most buyers are looking for homes in luxury buildings with first-class amenities, close to gourmet restaurants and active sporting events.

“And with an ocean view,” customers add. “You’ll never get tired of watching this”

Here, real estate is not only cheaper to buy but also easier to sell: the average house has been on the market for 17 days and receives an average of 3 offers. The source Florida.RealEstate shares information about the 5 best cities in the Sunny State to purchase a home. When compiling the list, the website compared such indicators as location features, security, economic situation, accessibility and lifestyle.

Criteria for choosing a country house

First, you should think about your own requirements for the quality of life and only then find out where it is better to buy a country house and which region to choose. The criteria include:

  • quality of life and level of safety;
  • infrastructure, including transport, shops, hospitals, schools and medical centers;
  • the state of the labor market;
  • the quality of the housing stock and its cost.

Which locations in Florida have the most attractive housing?


Windermere is a small but affluent community that is far away from the hustle and bustle of Orlando. The city is well-known for its natural lakes, sports complexes, boutiques, shops, and golf courses. Here, you can visit the Tibet-Butler Nature Reserve and the Isleworth Golf & Country Club.


It’s no surprise that Oviedo made it onto the list of the best places to buy a home in Florida, as it ranked 43rd on the list of the 50 best places to live in America. It was the only city in the state to participate in the 2020-2021 edition.

Oviedo has a picturesque part of nature with the Eco River Nature Reserve, an Onion Nursery, and a butterfly garden.

Located northeast of Orlando, this city has the advantage of being just a few steps from the picturesque beaches of the east coast – Cocoa and Dayton.

Dr. Phillips

The Doctor Phillips Hotel is just a 10-minute drive from Disneyland and a 20-minute drive from downtown Orlando, close to major attractions.

This is an additional advantage when it comes to transport accessibility.

Thanks to the variety of coffee shops, bars and gourmet restaurants known as “Restaurant Row”, Dr. Phillips is becoming an increasingly popular area for young professionals who come here to look for work and a pleasant pastime.


A little further southeast, you will find Davenport, located between Lakeland and Orlando, just 25 miles down I-4 to Tampa Bay. Davenport is one of those places worth paying attention to, as it was recently named one of the 5 fastest growing places in the state.


Claremont, located just 22 miles west of Orlando, is home to the Claremont Performing Arts Center, which hosts about 20 shows from classics to contemporary pop culture.

Claremont is one of the fastest growing places in the state. This place is well-known for its beautiful hills, which are different from the rest of Florida’s flat landscape.

Summing up

Florida is a great place to live. It is extremely popular with people of all ages, professions and nationalities, including immigrants. The state’s cities offer many excellent opportunities for education, employment, treatment and pastime.

Each of the listed ones has theme parks, nature reserves, beaches, golf clubs, universities, schools, hospitals, shopping and entertainment centers, gourmet restaurants and much more. In addition, you can find affordable housing in all of them.

Start choosing a property in Florida

Ultimately, the decision where to buy a home in this state depends on you. Nevertheless, you can always turn to Florida.RealEstate and its qualified experts. The company’s website has published up-to-date prices for various housing in sought-after areas and detailed information about the property you like.

Or maybe you are interested in selling houses in Florida. On the Florida.RealEstate website, you can get professional advice from real estate agents on how to purchase and sell housing in the Sunny State, as well as find a lot of attractive options for investment and permanent residence.

Jeff Campbell