5 Things To Look For When Hiring Child Custody Lawyer

In a child custody proceeding, it’s natural for everyone’s emotions to run high. The child, especially, has to be kept in a warm and safe environment even if their parents are on ugly terms. A child custody lawyer can often help to ease things when the situation becomes unmanageable.

Only 4% of child custody cases require a court trial before the primary custody is decided. If you are also looking for a competent child custody lawyer, this guide is here to help you out.

  1. Check reviews

When you wish to find a good child custody lawyer, it might be tempting to simply type in “good family lawyers near me” and dive right in, but that isn’t a great idea.

It’s always better to check reviews and ask around for more information. Ask your friends, family members, or co-workers if they know of any good family lawyers.

Unfortunately, the national divorce rates are pretty high in most countries around the world and children have to bear the hardships the most. It’s likely that other people in your social circle might have gone through what you’re currently experiencing or might know of someone else.

  1. See the experience

When you do find a good lawyer, it’s important to check how many years of experience they have. Child custody is often messy and requires a lot of verbal reasoning, so you would obviously want someone experienced in this field.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for references or for previous track records. You need someone who can prove their worth with their other cases, and seeing their experience is always a good start.

However, make sure you don’t offend or embarrass the lawyer by asking too many personal questions. Keep it formal, simple, and crisp. A lawyer with a proven record will be extremely useful.

  1. Look for personal compatibility

So you’ve looked for family lawyers Melbourne and found a good one with a highly experienced track record, but something still doesn’t seem right. Many times, clients often forget to check personal compatibility.

See how their manner is and whether you think you will make a good team or not. After all, child custody proceedings usually take a long time and you’ll have to be associated with your lawyer in the long haul.

You should also see their methods of handling a certain aspect of the case and if you’re comfortable with their methods. Even though the relationship is business-based, you need a lawyer you can trust.

  1. Integrity

This goes without saying that an honest and upfront lawyer should always be your priority. Getting hold of child custody through unfair means will not only cause trouble later on but also place unnecessary pressure on your child.

Talk to a lawyer who can help you set realistic and achievable goals. They should be transparent and have integrity and faith in whatever they do.

A dishonest lawyer might help you win the case through illegal methods but that can always backfire sooner or later. If a lawyer seems to be polite and tells you the harsh truth, even when you’re not pleased to hear it, they can be trusted.

  1. Accessibility

Lastly, after you have ticked the above points, you have to see how accessible your lawyer is. Is your family lawyer an experienced and honest person who simply refuses to pick up calls or respond to emails? If yes, then they might not be the best candidate for the job. Choosing a divorce attorney who is readily accessible is essential.

This doesn’t mean you’ll call them up every minute of the day, but a bare minimum frequency of communication is needed. There’s no use spending time and money on a lawyer who is disinterested in your case. So try to expand your search location and see which lawyers will be perfect for your case.

Over to you…

It’s advisable to be on the lookout for red flags or warning signs when you’re choosing your attorney. Does your lawyer seem too good to be true? If yes, then they probably are. Even though family lawyers can be costly, don’t let it be the only factor.

Many times, a lawyer who charges high rates might be able to get the job done in less time than someone who charges way less. Take all these factors into consideration and then choose someone who will help you win child custody without harming your child’s well-being.



Jeff Campbell