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5 Ways Fathers Can Get More Involved In Their Children’s Education

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In the past, mothers were the main caregivers at home. They were the ones who took care of the children, cleaned, cooked, attended school meetings, joined the PTA, and more. At some point, society assumed that fathers wouldn’t be interested in their children’s education. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gender equality and the roles they play have evolved rapidly in recent decades. Just because a father doesn’t care as much about raising his children doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to. He may not know how to do it, and that’s okay! Below are five ways you can get more involved as a father.

Attend Meetings With Your Child’s Teacher

Getting more involved in your children’s education starts with attending parent-teacher conferences. These conferences help you understand what you can do to support your child’s growth and learning skills. This benefits you and your child too.

The focus of the conference is to discuss important factors such as your child’s social development, progress, testing skills, behavior, habits, demeanor, and much more. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about what you can do to help your child at home, how to address certain situations related to your child’s education, and more.

When you show up at the meeting and represent yourself, your child knows that you care, are involved, and care about their future. This benefits their education and development and your bond with them.

Be A Chaperone On The Annual Field Trips

Field trip day is the day children look forward to the most because it’s when they leave the classroom and go on a day trip. However, since getting a bus is only sometimes possible, the school may need parents to volunteer to drive the students to and from the field trip location.

If you don’t want to strain your car, you can hire a DC chauffeur service instead. That way, you can still volunteer. Then you’d be the cool dad for sure.

The point of a field trip is to give students an educational experience; therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to see what your child is learning. Take the time to listen, pay attention, leave your phone in the car, and discuss what was learned on the field trip.

Help Them With Their Homework

If you want to support your child’s learning directly, you can help them with their homework. This is the perfect opportunity to be the hero and relieve some stress and anxiety for your child.

Dads have unique expertise on various subjects that can help your child better understand the homework content. Not to mention, with your help, your child will be able to retain the information they learn through their homework and classwork, ultimately leading to better test scores.

Parenting requires teamwork, regardless of your situation. So, taking the initiative to help your child with homework can make them more engaged with the subject, especially if the other parent is also involved.

Not to mention, being involved in your child’s homework will help them develop better social skills and confidence, behave better in the classroom, and perform better in the school.

Become A Member Of The School PTA

If you are committed to your child’s education and development, you must interact with them and the school. Why not join the PTA? Not only would you be helping the school community and your child.

Whether a parent with a busy schedule or a stay-at-home parent, you can still participate even if you are not always available during school hours. By becoming a member, you can stay current on what’s happening at school and discover new resources for your child and you!

At these events, you can meet with other teachers and parents and discuss anything on your mind. Here you can share different ideas to improve your child’s learning environment. How good would it feel to see the improvement from a solution you’re a part of?

All in all, by being a member of the PTA, you can be a good role model for your child while keeping the focus on education. Ultimately, this passion for a good education will transfer to your child and positively impact their future.

Talk To the Principal

You can always contact the principal if you need help advocating for your child’s education. The principal is always a good person to talk to because they know what is happening around the school. The principal or someone in the office may have some good ideas for you.

Sometimes the best way to get involved in your child’s education is to build a relationship with the principal. That way, you can stay in the loop even if you can’t attend the PTA or don’t have time to get involved elsewhere.

Get A Job At The School

If you want to step it up, you should seek employment at the school. Whether you are a janitor, volunteer hall monitor, crossing guard, bus attendant, or the principal, it’s a great way to stay informed about what’s happening at your child’s school.

It also gives you the same power that membership in PTA would give you; the ability to make a difference within the school community to improve your children’s education.

So, How Can Dads Get Involved In Their Children’s Education?

The possibilities are endless! Take a more active approach, such as talking to the principal or being employed by the school. Or you could cheer kids on from the sidelines and help them with homework.

The most important thing, however, is that both parents are involved. It doesn’t matter if the other parent has already attended the parent-teacher conference or spoken to the principal; as a parent, you need to be present in some way to show your full support, and this list is a good place to start.


Jeff Campbell