5 Ways To Make Church Cool For Kids

In today’s modern world, it is growing increasingly difficult to capture and retain the attention of our youth. With mobile phones and social media usage at an all-time high, to stay relevant you must change your strategy.

Kids who grow up under the guidance and love of a church have much more chance of returning with their families one day when they are adults. Making the curriculum for children fun and engaging should be your number one priority as a church leader.

This article will highlight five of the most effective ways to make church a cool place for the kids.

  1. Plan Activities

The best way to get the kids involved and engaged is to plan exciting and enjoyable activities for them to do. These activities can include educational ones, like pop quizzes on bible teachings, or activities just for fun – like church bingo.

Church curriculum for children can be another great way to engage children of all ages in the church community. Sunday school classes typically cover a wide range of topics, from Bible stories to church history. In addition, many churches offer Vacation Bible School or other special programs throughout the year. These programs provide an opportunity for children to learn about the church in a fun and interactive setting. As a result, church programs can be a great way for children to develop a love for the church and its community.

The more fun the activities are, the more likely you are to get repeat visitors and soon all of the kids will be spiritually fed while they have a ton of fun!

  1. Adjust Sermons

Your sermons cannot be drab or boring, which unfortunately rules out quite a lot from the more conservative teachings. If you want your church to stay relevant and supportive in this day and age, you need to update your sermons.

By making sure that your sermons are relatable and engaging, you can inspire and encourage the children of your church to be more active and contributing members.

  1. Go Outside

Children spend most of their week couped up in a classroom. The last thing they want over the weekend is to be stuck inside again. Instead of keeping the kids indoors, take them outside and let them spend time enjoying the fresh air.

No rule says that all sermons need to be delivered indoors, so consider doing an outside service now and then – just to mix things up. Bible studies for teens can be conducted anywhere you’d like.

  1. Updated Music

Ask any child, and they will tell you the same thing – hymns are inherently boring! Slow and outdated church music is one of the quickest ways to drive young people away from your services.

Instead, choose upbeat praise music that they can sing and dance along to. Christian music comes in all shapes and sizes these days, so do a little online research and put together a playlist worth showing up for.

  1. Take Suggestions

Lastly, if you want to know what your kids would like to do while they are at church, the answer is simple – ask them! By implementing a suggestion box for your younger members, they can feel free to let you know what they would like to see and do more or less of.

Remember that suggestion boxes are precisely that – merely suggestions. Take each one into consideration, and if you think it will help improve the experiences of the younger members of the church – then have them implemented.

A church should be a welcoming and uplifting environment for the young and old – sometimes, we all need a little reminder of that.

Jeff Campbell