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6 Fantastic Community Fundraising Ideas

Communities are important, they provide the opportunity to connect with others and feel like you belong. In fact, being part of a community can help consolidate values while providing social interaction. This can help many people deal with challenging emotional and physical events. The support offered improves mental health and life expectancy.

Of course, being part of a community also means engaging in community fundraising, allowing you to help others. There are many ways you can help the local community, ranging from becoming a volunteer lifesaver to organizing community fundraising:

  1. Sponsored Walks

Sponsored walks are great because they are easy to organize, anyone can get involved, and they raise a substantial amount of funds. As you walk you can also raise awareness of the reason you’re fundraising.

But, the best part of walks is that they can follow a variety of themes, depending on your community. For instance, it can be a sponsored dog walk that simply encourages people to be active and they raise money by completing it. Alternatively, you can try a walk-a-thon which is when you set a distance and walk it. This can be done by an individual or the whole community, you can even take it in turns to cover a huge distance using a treadmill.

  1. Obstacle Courses

These can be great fun and a little competitive. Everyone pays to enter and the team that wins gets a prize, it’s that simple. Of course, the funds raised are for the community and the obstacle cause needs to be fun, this will help to maximize teams signing up.

You can make additional funds by having stalls around the obstacle course where people can buy refreshments and other items.

  1. Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are a great opportunity for you to offload items that are just sat around and no longer any use to you. At the same time, others can benefit from the items as they may have a use for them.

All the proceeds are for your community cause and you get to have a fun day socializing with your community.

  1. Games Night

This is a great way to ensure every community member can join in. All you need is a few tables and a selection of games, this can be board games, cards, pool, or even darts. Everyone contributes to the event financially, raising money for the community. At the same time, you get to share food, drink, and have a little fun. That’s just as important for the community.

  1. Beach Activities

Organize a fun day at the beach with an array of stalls, activities, and challenges. People will need to donate to participate and you’ll make additional money from the food and drinks donated by your community. It can raise a surprising amount of money.

  1. Skydive

This is one of the more extreme ideas but it’s a good way of raising funds. Simply book a skydive and collect money from people. They will be happy to give once you tell them the reason you are doing the jump. You’ll get an experience of a lifetime while your cause gets a cash boost.

Don’t forget, when community fundraising you need to promote your cause and you need to keep it fun and accessible. That will ensure it provides more than just financial benefit to the community.






Jeff Campbell