6 Healthy Ways to Help Your Cat Gain Weight

Do you get anxious while looking at your malnourished cat? Well. It is confusing when your cat is consuming enough food throughout the day and still does not gain weight.

According to a survey, 85 percent of cat owners experience therapeutic benefits from their cats. The fluff and fur can make your cat more therapeutic than a skinny one.

So, why is your cat skinny?

The reason can be a medical condition or underlying diseases like food allergies, infections, hyperthyroidism, etc. Reach out to a vet ASAP, if you haven’t already.

If your vet says everything seems to be fine, here are a few ways that can help your cat gain weight without any supplements.

  1. Take note of the allergies and intolerances of your cat.

Your cat may be sensitive to certain foods. A specific formula and component can result in an eating disorder in your furry friend.

These sensitivities need not be inborn. They can develop later in life. So, the food that your cat used to cherish can now be the reason behind their troubled stomach.

If you see signs like bloating or smelly gas, you should investigate the diet. You can also consult a vet if your cat has diarrhea or vomit with loose feces.

  1. Introduce variety in your pet’s diet

There’s a lot of nutritious cat food online or in the nearby local store. But just because the food is high in health content, doesn’t mean that your cat will like it.

Many cats are picky about their favorite recipes. If you want to find out the recipe that suits your cat, try swapping the brands or maybe the flavor of these foods. Take a note of their health and taste after. This trial and error will eventually drive you to your cat’s favorite recipe.

An easier way to spot your cat’s favorite dish is to line up all the food and let your cat choose one of them.

  1. Increase the aesthetic of their food

If you want to sneak in more calories into your cat, you need to find ways to improve the aesthetics of their food. Play with the presentation and shape of the food. Try playing with the consistency of the broth. Pre-warmed food is believed to be likable by most cats.

When cats consume prey that has been freshly hunted, they find it a bit on the warmer side. But, do not make it too hot. Too hot food can wash all your efforts down the drain.

  1. Give your cat her favorite canned food

If your cat is skinny and has low metabolism, it may be because the food is low in protein and fat. We know that kittens require a high amount of amino acids and fatty acids for muscle building and the proper functioning of their body.

So, supplementing your cat with kitten canned food might help your cat to grow fast and remain energized. Kitten canned foods tend to be rich in protein and fat content. This might be the right supplement to make your cat gain weight faster.

  1. Prefer canned or wet food over dry food.

A child does not like to have dry food. Similarly, cats also tend to prefer wet foods over dry foods. Moreover, there is an additional benefit in cat wet foods. Canned or wet foods have a high amount of protein and fewer carbohydrates than dry food. Wet foods are easily ingested by the cat.

To ensure faster weight gain of your cat, feed the cat in small amounts throughout the day. This will make your cat hungry for food and want to have more. Increase the food content daily by a little, and it might just do the trick.

  1. Try fish oil

Fish oil can do wonders for your cat. Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids that have a lot of benefits when it comes to cats.

It can make your cat look healthy by soothing flaky skin on the outside, improving the cardiovascular health of your cat, and promoting brain health on the inside. Cats do not produce Omega-3 on their own.

So, it is necessary to supplement it using fish oil. Moreover, it can make the food taste better and more attractive. It will be better to contact your veterinarian and get the fish oil suitable for your cat.

Now that you know everything about maintaining your cat’s weight… Go ahead and make the dietary changes and meow through the unhealthy weight.



Jeff Campbell