7 Best Ways To Upgrade Your Water

Close up of businessman hand pouring water from cooler in kitchen. Office employee using water cooler to drink in cafeteria. Male hand in suit holding glass getting water from cooler

To some, it may be a hidden fact that drinking enough water can significantly assist a person’s health and well-being daily. Yet, many still struggle to take in the recommended amount for their needs. Some of the most common excuses are that the water is too bland or that it’s too cold to drink water.

People would much rather have a soft drink, coffee, or anything other than their daily dose of water. So how do people take in their water without having these struggles? There are a few ways to spruce up your water, but the best ones are listed here:

Get Rid Of Bulky Water Bottles

Offices usually have a water station where team members can refill their water bottles or grab a glass of water on the go. The downside to the regular water cooler with the big bulky bottles is that the bottles need constant replacing.

Companies can now find a new brand of water dispenser on the market that got rid of these inconvenient bottles for a bottle free coolers employees can enjoy.

Choose Alternative Drinks

Although our bodies enjoy a clean glass of water, there are other ways to take in some much-needed liquid refreshment. Some beer breweries discovered that the quality of water they use during the brewing process affects the taste of their final product.

An occasional beer or two could also be good for the system, especially with deionized water for beer. The taste is superb, adding more minerals and other healthy ingredients to the drink for a more enjoyable experience.

Install An In-Home Water Filter

Water filters are becoming popular at home, and with so many different options, homeowners will quickly find the filter solution that suits their home’s needs. Whether they choose a water filter jug, they can keep it in the fridge or an under-the-counter model connected to their tap, enhancing their water’s taste and cleanliness.

Many regions worldwide will have impurities in their tap water, with some even containing harmful substances. With a water filter, everyone can rest assured that the water they drink is free from these hazards to their health.

Drink Carbonated Water Instead

A simple yet effective way of adding something different to the water is by drinking it carbonated. It means the water will have bubbles and give the impression of a soft drink, and it helps fool the brain into thinking that you’re enjoying a cool drink when you’re only getting your daily water quota.

Stores sell carbonated water as sparkling water, but machines are available to make your carbonated water at home too. Browse the internet for the various options and look for a device that’ll suit your budget. They’re portable and make a good travel companion for work or holidays.

Detox water with lime fruit. Hand pouring lime fruit water from jug into glasses.

Dose It With Some Flavor

Realizing that people are struggling with water intake, some manufacturers have started flooding the market with drops or liquid additives that anyone can add to their glass of water. The drops usually contain a flavoring and a non-nutritive sweetener, so people find drinking their glass of goodness easier.

Ice Up Your Drinks

Another cheap and easy solution to spice up a glass of water would be adding some ice. The ice can come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from shaped ice blocks to shaved ice. Each person will have their preference for their drinks, so choose one that’s easily accessible and gives the best drinking experience.

There are many solutions to make ice at home, in the office, or anywhere with a freezer. Everyone is familiar with the ice trays they fill and freeze, but other options could include an ice machine or plastic bags designed to produce ice cubes.

Add Other Ingredients

Instead of artificial flavors and sweeteners, add some fruit or herbs like crushed mint to the drinking water. Not only will they give the water a unique taste, but the person will also automatically feel healthier after adding the fresh ingredients.


Drinking water isn’t something people should neglect; it’s a necessity for a healthy body. With so many options for adding more water to the day, there are no more excuses for someone to skip that next glass. All they need to do is find the option that’ll bring the most value for them to their drink, so they have the freedom to enjoy more of it.

With the tips listed here, anyone can upgrade their water in no time, but let those creative juices flow and find more innovative ways to make the best of your next glass of water.

Jeff Campbell