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7 Effective Ways To Store Your Gun Without A Safe

Owning a gun is one thing —- keeping the gun safe is a totally different prospect. A gun safe is the best way to keep a gun secure. Gun safes are massive metal beasts that can protect your firearms against thieves.

However, there are circumstances where a gun safe may not be the ideal instrument to protect your weapon.

Reasons Why You Need an Alternative For Gun Safes

  • Firstly, a gun safe is very expensive, and you may not have the budget to afford one at the moment. Having an alternative to secure your gun effectively is essential.
  • Also, gun safes are very massive. If you rent an apartment on the second floor of a building, it will be near impossible to carry your gun safely into your apartment. Furthermore, even if you succeed in getting the gun safe up the building, imagine the stress you’ll go through for a transfer.
  • On another note, consider when you need to travel with your gun; will you embark on such a journey with a massive gun safe? I guess not. Moreover, hotels don’t have gun safes, so you will require other means of keeping your gun secure.

In this article, you will discover Seven highly effective alternatives to a gun safe. By the end of this article, you will know what to do if a gun safe isn’t suitable for you.

1.  Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet is an ideal substitute for a gun safe because the main difference between the two is weight. A gun safe is way heavier than a gun cabinet.

Ignore those transparent gun cabinets that show your entire collection —- they are attractive but will hardly resist ant thief with a brick.

A good gun cabinet is usually thin sheet metal of 12 or 14-gauge variety. You can use gun cabinets as the perfect alternative to gun safes because they are very lightweight.

2.  Trigger Locks or Cable Locks

According to (a reputable online gun retailer in Canada), “The best way to protect children, avoid accidents, and have an easily accessible gun in time of need is to have a trigger or cable lock on your gun. “

Incorporating a trigger lock into a gun will prevent so many unwanted events. Also, a cable lock is a simple and relatively raw means of securing a firearm.

A cable or trigger lock will also be effective against thieves. A thief will have to cut through it to access your gun. It is not a perfectly safe measure, but it is effective.

3.  Disguised Gun Storage Book

They may offer you no direct security, but the gun storage book is arguably the best alternative to a gun safe. Its ability to be concealed will give you that element of surprise in case of a burglary incident.

You can place it on your bookshelf and make sure it blends in with other books so it won’t be easily detectable. Ensure you pick a title that isn’t attractive. You don’t want one that’ll intrigue your kids.

A gun storage book is an alternative to a gun safe that you’ll love to own.

4.  Gun Case

A gun case is the most portable and convenient alternative to a gun safe. With a gun case, you can carry your weapon anywhere, and you won’t have to worry about rust or moisture.

Gun cases comprise robust locking systems and high-security features. It is a very compact option. Intruders will have a hard time trying to access your gun case.

Pelican cases, for example, are highly durable, portable, well made, and full of foam that keeps your gun safe.

Some gun cases even include a design that could distract intruders. Instruments can be stored in the top layers like violins, while another layer contains guns and ammunition.

5.  Take Them Apart

The most effective way of securing a gun against unwanted users is by taking out an indispensable component of the gun and locking it away. Whoever finds that gun will be unable to use it.

It is an easy means of securing your gun. Most kids won’t be able to find the missing parts of a firearm and assemble it.

It may be less effective against thieves, but this alternative may come in handy.

6.  Lock Box

In essence, this is an inexpensive safe. It is a very cheap and effective alternative to a gun safe. It is a portable and lightweight instrument that helps protect valuable items. You can also get a larger version to protect and move with long guns.

7.  Gun Storage Bag

A gun storage bag is an ideal alternative to a gun safe for long-term gun storage. A gun storage bag prevents corrosion during storage, so you will always find your weapons in perfect condition.

They don’t offer a high level of security, so you may want to take your weapon apart before putting it into the gun storage bag.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, a gun safe is the best option for gun safety. However, you have the latitude to explore other options.

Nevertheless, check the gun safety rules of your district to ensure that you don’t go against their requirements. Some states make it mandatory for gun owners to have a gun safe.

If a gun safe is not obligatory for you, I hope this article helped you pick a perfect alternative to a gun safe.


Jeff Campbell