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7 Steps to Talk to Kids About Weed: Parents Guide


  1. Unlearn and address personal cannabis stigma
  2. Explain the medicinal uses of marijuana
  3. One step at a time
  4. Welcome questions
  5. Avoid glamourizing cannabis use
  6. Explain the age limit
  7. Be a good role model for all parents who smoke weed

Final thoughts

So you’ve given your kids the birds and the bees talk, but what about the space brownie and weed talk? Cannabis use is becoming more common, and even Karen next door is growing high THC cannabis seeds.

It’s essential to open the lines of communication. We help you effectively discuss it with our weed for parents’ guide.

Read on for seven tips to get you through this talk without losing a single strand of hair. The truth is your kids probably know more than you think. Opening up about this subject matter may also be an eye-opening experience for you.

Unlearn and address personal cannabis stigma

For most of us, when we were growing up, cannabis was an illegal drug, and that fear stuck around. As parents, the shift of teaching weed as something beneficial for your health instead of a dangerous substance is both challenging and refreshing.

Before you plan how to talk to your kids about marijuana, make peace with your own mindset. Remind yourself you’re teaching your child facts, not fear.

Explain the medicinal uses of marijuana

When your kid catches you smoking weed, don’t panic; you’re not doing anything wrong. Once you discuss the situation, remember to focus on how many people use cannabis to deal with medical conditions.

You should explain to your child how it helps you feel better. If you have a toddler, stick to a simple explanation that it’s just ‘mommy or daddy’s medicine.’ With older kids, you can open up about how cannabis helps with your specific condition like anxiety or chronic pain

One step at a time

When kids catch their mom or dad smoking weed; parents sometimes react with panic or over-explanation, which may end up confusing children. Follow these steps of our weed parent’s guide one at a time for a smooth process:

  1. Calmly sit your child down and say you want to speak with them about weed.
  2. Ask them if they know what it is and listen for any false information to debunk later. Explain what it is. For example, weed is a mix of dried flowers, stems, and leaves derived from the cannabis sativa plant.
  3. Elaborate on the medicinal uses of cannabis and avoid describing it as a party drug.
  4. If you use weed recreationally, there’s no need to lie about using it for medical conditions. When in doubt, tackle it the same way you would explain yourself if your child found you drinking a glass of wine.

Welcome questions

Create a comfortable environment where your child can freely ask questions. It helps debunk any myths they may have about marijuana.

Answer questions factually and appropriately. Consider their age and level of understanding when responding. For example, if your toddler spotted weed leaf clawing and thought the plants were haunted, simply explain that the flowers are hungry. Don’t over-explain to small kids.

Your children probably already know about cannabis and, because of the negative stereotypes, may be shocked to find their parents smoking weed. It’s beneficial for you to have an understanding of the safety and benefits of marijuana. You should be able to explain how weed differs from other drugs.

Older kids may be curious about why marijuana was banned initially. You should know the current laws to explain the government’s change of policy. It’s also an excellent idea to learn essential cannabis terminology.

Here are some vital educational points to make during this talk:

  • Ancient peoples used cannabis for medicinal and spiritual purposes, and humans consumed it for around 5000 years for its potential healing properties.
  • No deaths have been directly linked to weed, but it’s not safe for minors.
  • Unlike other drugs like heroin, an overdose on marijuana won’t kill you. In fact, it’s almost impossible to overdose on weed. You need to eat 1500 pounds or smoke more than 40 000 times the amount in a blunt in 15 minutes.

Avoid glamourizing cannabis use

Marijuana is not as dangerous as other commonly used substances like alcohol. It’s nearly impossible to die of an overdose, but people can still experience side effects, especially with high THC strains. It’s essential you tell your kids the good and the bad.

If you focus solely on the benefits, you’re missing out on teaching a valuable lesson; too much of anything, even a good thing, is destructive.

Explain the age limit

Age limits are there for a reason. You should educate your kids on the developmental reactions of using cannabis at a young age. Studies show that when people under 18 use weed, it creates long-lasting effects on concentration, memory, and mood.

Similar to other legal substances like alcohol, minors can experience severe side effects when using them. Explain to your child that they can enjoy these items safely when their brains are fully developed.

Be a good role model for all parents who smoke weed

Once you’ve had the weed talk with your children; you’ve created a commendable open-door policy. They will definitely have questions in the future, and you should be ready to answer them.

If you consume cannabis at home, follow these guidelines to keep your kids safe:

  • Keep all your weed and related paraphernalia on a shelf out of reach for small children to prevent a ‘toddler smokes weed’ scenario.
  • Store cannabis products in a child-proof container or a mason jar with a lock.
  • If you make cannabis edibles, ensure they’re clearly labeled and stored away from other food. Kids and pets accidentally consuming these products are one of the most prevalent complaints that Poison Control receives.

Final thoughts

In this guide, we explained how to handle the situation of explaining your weed use to your children. We hope our kid cannabis parents guide helps you deliver this talk successfully and smoothly.

Remember to keep calm and know the facts before you go in because kids love to ask questions. Don’t panic; just follow our tips, and soon your children might be educating their classmates about cannabis too.

George Torch

George Torch is an experienced cannabis grower who has been working with SeedSupreme Seed Bank for about 7 years. George have been growing cannabis since he was 22 years old and know the industry inside out. He has a detailed understanding of all aspects of marijuana, from its cultivation and species to the nuances of cannabis-related legislation. George has an endless desire to explore marijuana farming, which keeps him on top of current trends.


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