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7 Websites Every Mac Users Must Bookmark

The Apple community isn’t all about iPhones and iPads. Macs are also a thriving part of the Apple product line, with over 6.8 million units sold by 2021. According to the latest statistics, around 6% of global users use Mac.

If you’re also among the millions of Mac users, you may be looking for quality sources to find the latest news about Mac. Also, you may need a good source to find answers to questions like what to do if you’re stuck while updating your Mac to MacOS Monterey?

Here are the seven best sites to visit and bookmark for the latest news and tech guides if you’re a Mac enthusiast.


With almost 12 million visits a month, MacRumors is home to one of the biggest forums that discusses everything about Apple products. Their categories include Apple’s latest news, leaks, product launches, software updates, and other affiliations. The website was launched in February 2000 by Arnold Kim and has reported thousands of stories since.

Furthermore, it also has live event coverage, buyer guides, hot deals on Apple products, and tutorials on updates and troubleshooting. The website attracts thousands of loyal Apple users and professionals while focusing its content on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV, AirPods, and other exclusive Apple products and annual software updates.


Macdentro has the slogan “Home of all things, Mac,” making it one of the essential sites for the latest news on Mac updates. Macdentro covers all the latest news, software updates, rumors, and leaks related to Mac systems and MacOS.

The website is known for high-quality and authentic reviews, troubleshooting tips, and step-by-step guides for Mac users. Whether updating your Mac system or setting up your printer on Mac, Macdentro has everything covered. All in all, a must to bookmark website if you want to keep an eye on everything happening related to Mac.

Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac is an everyday news website that exclusively follows all the latest stories about MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, and all other Apple software and products. With a clear goal of providing timely news and top-notch guides for Apple users, the website is run by a competent team of expert analysts who have also written for well-known publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, The Daily Telegraph, and more.

Cult of Mac is often among the first sources to break the news to the rest of the tech world, with other mainstream outlets depending on them for the latest deets. So if you like to get daily updates on all the latest news, Cult of Mac is worth a visit every day!


If we had to list the top Apple sites for on-time news and guides, we would put 9to5Mac on that list! The website attracts more than 12 million visitors every month, reflecting its authenticity and quality of content.

This Apple-centered website contains all the latest information about iPhones, Mac, Apple Watch, and other Apple tech. In addition, their expert writers are often the first to break stories, making them a primary source for the latest Mac news.

Their posts are engaging, entertaining, witty, and written with a deep understanding of each subject. The site has been serving the Apple community since 2007 and exclusively offers the best deals for all Apple fans!


Reddit has the best discussion forums for every topic, including tech giants like Apple and Samsung. For example, the unofficial Apple community on Reddit contains all the latest news, updates, and product launches. In addition, the moderators regularly pin new stories to the forum and update users on their queries.

The best thing about Reddit’s Apple forum is that users do not have to submit their stories to go through a lengthy approval process. Instead, if users face issues, they can simply share them with the community, and the active users on the forum can help them get to a solution!

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a question-and-answer website that covers a lot of diverse fields. In addition, the site is self-moderating and prevents the repetition of the same questions, making it an excellent FAQ forum for Mac users.

Mac users can post their questions on the forum, and other experts can answer their queries. It has a simple interface with to-the-point answers, so visit it when facing issues with your Mac!

Apple Support

Apple has a dedicated support website for its users. Apple’s support website has all Apple users’ guides, tips, updates, and billing information. In addition, the website has a separate section for Mac Support that has all the info for MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Mac Studio, and Apple displays.

Users can get support from Apple or post their queries on Apple’s official forum. Experts at Apple can then analyze these submissions and reach out to users with all the possible solutions. So next time you face an issue with your Mac, Apple Support might be your best bet!


Apple is among the most popular tech giants in the world, with hundreds of forums dedicated to all the latest news about their products. If you’re looking for authentic sources to help pin down the best deets, the sites mentioned above can help you. Be sure to check them out!


Jeff Campbell