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A Day at the Range

Practice makes perfect. The phrase is one of the most famous idiomatic expressions often heard by people mastering a skill. Generally, the phrase is applicable even with modern-day shooters.

The discipline required to handle a firearm is strict and extensive. Once you miss one simple rule, you may end up injuring yourself or endangering other people. It is the reason why individuals who own a firearm go to the firing range.

Why go to the Firing Range?

A typical firing range or commonly known as a shooting range is a special facility where weapons are tested and fired. Its primary purpose is to provide a safe location where modern firearms can be discharged. All the projectiles are intended to hit targets at different range distances.

When you visit a firing range, much more an American firing range, you have probably heard two shooters argue. One of the most prevalent topics is “Which is better? The 300 or 30 30 when it comes to rifle rounds?”. Since the US gives more freedom to firearms, many people often go out on hunting expeditions and shooting activities. 

The 300 Blackout EPR is the standard rifle round that is made to match the eastern 7.62×39 mm bullet. You will probably meet some folks equipped with the ruggedly handsome AR-15. Sometimes, you might even stumble upon people who have their hands on an AK rifle that fires the legendary 7.62×39 rifle round. If you happen upon a firing range with two people or one person who owns two models, it’s up to you to conclude the argument. 

A firing range can help you master the capabilities of any weaponry you have in hand. During medieval times, or watching movie classics, you have probably seen an archer or crossbowman unload their projectiles at a given target. This was probably the official origin of the shooting range.

Every type of weapon from pistols to rocket launchers requires a great deal of discipline. Their proper maintenance and firing involve proper practices and techniques. When going to a firing range with your firearm, you might meet some people who can teach you a thing or two about its adequate management.

Benefits of Going to the Firing Range

Today, most shooting ranges cater to many types of people. When visiting one, you might meet locals, law enforcement agents, soldiers, and veterans. All of them have the experience and skill set to handle a weapon. The good thing about shooting ranges is that you can learn from people who have mastered a particular weapon, technique, or shooting skill.


Being responsible and accountable are the visible core values of gun owners. When visiting shooting ranges that kind of discipline is reinforced. The main rules for gun safety should always be followed on and off the range. Gun owners visiting the firing range also cultivate a mindset of personal protection. They are taught about the moral/legal responsibilities that come with it. Gun safety can become some sort of lifestyle practice.

Core Strength

The proper shooting stance when it comes to firing weapons plays a crucial factor. Discovering and training with your body center, shifting of body weight, and the balance of both feet are important to successfully fire a weapon with accuracy and precision. This discipline is applicable with different weapon platforms as each of them requires different shooting stances.

Problem Solving

Getting yourself in a dangerous situation can cause you to act rashly and implicate the lives of others. This is multiplied two-fold if you are a novice gun owner. Shooting your firearm at a range teaches you to handle and assess any situation you might encounter while carrying your gun in public. 


The firing range is a special facility where people can operate and discharge their weapons safely. Visiting any firing range can introduce you to people who can teach you how to properly operate your gun. The firing range is also a great way to relieve stress and let out steam.


Jeff Campbell