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A Guide to Synthetic Football Pitches

Synthetic Pitches are proving more popular than ever, and more organizations like sports facilities, schools, and universities are having these kinds of pitches installed.

Sizing comes with many factors to consider, such as budget and outdoor space available to build the synthetic pitch.

Many people use these synthetic pitches, and they can be found more commonly in schools, universities, leisure centers, and sports clubs.  They are so many benefits and reasons why synthetic pitches are so popular, so read on and find out why these are so popular.

What are the benefits of a Synthetic Football Pitch?

Synthetic pitches can be used all year round and do not have to rely on specific weather conditions.  Due to this, fewer matches and training practices have to be canceled.  3G synthetic pitches are the most popular on the market due to the fact that they give the feeling of playing on real grass, have less maintenance and upkeep, and are also extremely long-lasting.  Also these types of surfaces can also be used for multi-sports games like rugby or basketball and not only for football.

Who can install Synthetic Pitches?

  • Schools – most primary and secondary schools depending on the size and dimensions of their sports facility, are having 3G synthetic pitches installed much more than ever before. They are perfect for PE classes, football matches, and also 11-a-side football games.
  • Colleges & Universities – 3G synthetic pitches open up more scope for further education lessons, competitive matches, and also training sessions.
  • Leisure Centers – 5-a-side football tournaments, practice sessions, and, depending on the dimensions of the indoor center, 11-a-side matches if the facility is big enough to lend itself to the size needed for this type of match.
  • Sports clubs – Mainly used for competitive 11-a-side matches and training.

Small Artificial Pitch Further Information

Every day 3G artificial pitches are used all over the country, and they are fast becoming the most popular surface for football matches.  Depending on the size and dimensions of your facility or area, smaller pitches are also very popular in schools or indoor sports facilities.  Cost is also a factor and depends on the size and dimension of the area you are having made into a synthetic pitch. It is very suitable for all budgets, and it is quick and easy to have installed.

3G surfaced artificial football pitches are made with synthetic grass fibers combined with a sand and rubber infill. The sand ensures that the artificial grass yarn stands upright while the rubber infill gives the small-sized soccer pitch the perfect playing conditions, i.e., ball bounce to mirror a natural grass pitch.

Pitch sizes to consider depending on sizing are 5 a side, 6 a side, 7 a side, and 9 a side.

It is also worth considering having a bespoke 3G synthetic football pitch installed, and this can be done easily and effectively by having a chat with your contractor to measure up and advise which is the perfect size for your facility.

Jeff Campbell