How to Know If You’re in an Abusive Relationship

1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have confessed to being in abusive relationships or experienced sexual assault at their partner’s hands. An abusive relationship can not only cause physical, emotional, and mental damage to a person if it continues but also cost them their lives.

If you’re unsure of the early signs of an abusive relationship, we will detail them below. Knowing the signs can help you escape a situation before it gets worse. Continue reading for all of the signs to look out for.

Physical Abuse

Having the person that’s supposed to be your support system and teammate put their hands on you in a forceful and hurtful way is never okay. Being hit, kicked, punched, and pinched are all signs that you’re physically abused.

If your significant other uses force and acts of aggression to punish you or persuade you to do what they want, you’re in an abusive relationship. Nothing is loving about being beaten up.

Domestic violence is never okay, and you shouldn’t stay with someone that puts their hands on you.

Playing Mind Games

If you find that your significant other frequently plays mind games to twist situations and make you feel as if you were wrong and the one to blame, this is an example of emotional abuse. They are manipulating your emotions to make you see that they are right and you’re wrong.

This can lead to you taking on all of the problems of the relationship and apologizing because you believe that every problem or issue on the relationship was caused by you, which isn’t true.

Intimacy Without Consent

Even if you’re dating the person that rapes you if you’ve not given consent and agreed to sexual intimacy, then it’s rape. If your significant other persuades you into acts of intimacy that you don’t want to be involved in or simply takes it by force, this is abuse.

You shouldn’t be forced to do things that you don’t want to do, and your partner should understand and respect your decisions.

Controlling Your Finances

If your partner is controlling your finances and not allowing you access to money without consent, this is financial abuse. Financial abuse can include but not be limited to withholding funds from someone, giving a person an allowance, and racking up debt.

As adults, you’ve got the right to use your money whenever and however you want. A partner that takes this power from you so only doing so to exert their influence and ensure that you can’t make a move without them.

This is abuse.

Early Signs of An Abusive Relationship

There are many early signs of an abusive relationship that you need to keep your eyes out for. A healthy relationship takes support and love from both sides, not one side attempting to exert their power.

Noticing the warning signs of an abusive relationship can be what saves your life if you find this article informative and helpful scroll through some of the others featured on our site.

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