How to Help Your Academically Gifted Student Challenge Themselves

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A recent report suggests that up to 3.6 million children in the United States may be academically gifted but aren’t acknowledged as such. Is your child one of them?

Does your youngster seem to grasp intellectual concepts more quickly than others? Do they consistently perform way above their grade level? It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on and help them make the most of their abilities.

Here’s how to make sure your gifted child turns into a well-adjusted and capable member of society.

Let Them Enjoy Their ‘Superpower’

Allow your child to take responsibility for their learning. Let them choose their own library books and look up topics of interest on the internet.

Everyone loves to do the things they’re good at. So, if your child loves learning, embrace it. As long as they keep a balance between social and outdoor activities too, let them read and explore as much as they want to.

Encourage Them to Fail

This statement flies in the face of everything we want for our children but it’s one of the best parenting tips for gifted children.

Children who experience effortless success at school, especially those who excel at sports too, seldom get to taste the sting of failure until much later in life. By then, it’s too late for you to teach them how to deal with messing up.

Academically gifted children become used to winning and start to consider it the norm. Teach your child that winning isn’t everything. Let them discover the joy of doing things simply for fun.

Choose a School Geared Toward Academically Gifted Students

It’s not easy to be different. Just like students with learning disabilities, the academically gifted child sometimes feels left out and ostracized by their peers.

They can struggle to relate to their classmates and students may label them as a bookworm or a nerd because of their exceptional academic achievements. Often, gifted children’s interests could be a few years more advanced than their classmates, so they struggle to make friends.

If your child seems unhappy at school, rather place them in an academic institution that’s more suited to their intellectual capabilities.

They’ll need to write a Selective exam to get into these institutions which gets them primed for the challenges ahead.

When they’re placed among other academically advanced students, they’ll feel like part of the crowd and can make the most of their school years in a comfortable environment.

Play an Active Role in their Education

Teachers don’t always have time to give their undivided attention to those children in their class that fall outside of the normal parameters. So, just like you would do with a child who struggles in class, do extra work with your gifted child.

Speak to their teacher about which themes they’ll cover in school for the year and give your child extra related activities. For instance, you could find documentaries on the topic, take out library books, or visit a museum.

Take it Easy

Being a parent’s one of the greatest joys, biggest responsibilities, and most intense worries of anyone’s life. Having an academically gifted child can make parenting easier.

So, don’t feel pressured to control every aspect of their learning. Let them spread their wings on their own.

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