Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Home

Convert Your Cellar 

Converting your cellar is an excellent way to add value to your home, whether you want to sell it or rent it out as a living space. On average, a converted cellar can add up to 30% to your home’s total value, and you don’t require any planning permission either.

Cellars are cold forgotten about underground spaces that might be useful for storage or for keeping a large freezer, but if converted, they make cozy, quiet places that are perfect for an apartment or home office.

If you don’t have a cellar, you can always create one using specialist excavation services.  

Make a Bedsit

As mentioned above, an extra room in your home is a great way to add value to it with minimal effort.

Whether it’s an extra bedroom or a converted loft or cellar, the room is a potential income source. You can rent the room out as a bedsit or turn it into an Airbnb for travelers. This strategy is actually a very efficient means of adding value to your home because it creates an income and also repurposes a room.

If you were selling your home on we buy houses you would receive a higher market price for both reasons. The question is, why would you want to?

Convert Your Garage 

A garage is another perfect opportunity to add value to your home in the form of a rentable living space outside home office or a studio of some kind.

Unlike rooms within the home, the garage may require some structural development before conversion to ensure that it fits for purpose. You may need to contact your local authority or have it surveyed by a specialist building agency to know if it is suitable.

If it isn’t, a little investment can go a long way and will result in a higher market price for your home when it’s eventually sold. 

Learn more about garages.

Build an Extension 

Conversions are not the only means to add extra value to your home with new living spaces; you might also consider an extension.

An extension is usually added to the rear of the house and extends the kitchen or dining area down into the garden. If you have some space at the back, this can be an excellent option. Extensions are typically used as extra living space and also make excellent dining rooms.

Depending on the type of roof used, they may not be suitable as a bedroom. Check with your local authority before building as there may be some regulations for this alteration.  

Add a Bedroom  

Adding a bedroom to your home is a great way to increase its market value; in general, the more bedrooms a house has, the higher the market price. If you have a disused loft space, a cellar, or a large room in your home that can be partitioned, it would be a waste not to convert it.

Even if you don’t have someone to live there permanently, it can be used as a guest bedroom or an Airbnb until the house is sold. 

Jeff Campbell

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