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5 Cool and Affordable Things to Do in Thailand as an Expat

If you’re planning to visit abroad, then Thailand is the best place to go. It’s one of the most famous locales in the world. Thailand is the best country where you can spend fewer dollars to access and enjoy convenient modern comforts, quality healthcare and affordable living conditions. The climate is also superb. Well, if you are an expat, there’s no doubt that you need to visit this special corner of the world.

Expect no headaches but a comfortable lifestyle. As an expat, here are five fun things to do in Thailand.

Go For The Gold Bullions

Chinatown in Bangkok is where you will find the sparkles of gold in various shops. It’s like a glittering neighborhood that represents history but in a cool way. The trading of gold in Thailand contributes largely to people’s lives. Therefore, as an expat, you can easily purchase and sell gold in Thailand.

Due to cheaper overheads, the high valued commodity in the country is cheap. When you invest in gold in Thailand, you shouldn’t worry about its sales tax or VAT. The country doesn’t impose taxes on those selling gold. You can freely do it. This means that you can hugely save your dollars when engaging in the investment.

However, expect only a small transaction fee to be applied. Also, if you decide to invest in gold and are planning to take it out of Thailand, you will have to understand their import laws. It will be necessary, especially if you plan to go with more than 20kg of gold bullions.

Know Muay Thai

Muay Thai is like a state cultural sport in Thailand. What better way to enjoy your stay in the country by learning this form of martial arts sports. Many tourists also love to watch the fights from Muay Thai. You can take up classes of fitness and health to study this true rare art while in Thailand.

Learn The New language

Apart from Thailand being an attractive place where you can live, the language is also alluring. Despite the language having more characters, the language is pretty simple to learn.

There are various ways to learn a new language. It’s best to know it because you’ll become more confident while accessing the streets of Thailand. You don’t need only to speak English.

Look for a language school where Thai is taught. Various available institutions offer short courses at an affordable price. Many foreigners have joined thousands of these schools. If you need a language school, whether Thai language or English language school, you can find one in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai.

Explore Rivers and Canals

Some many beautiful canals and rivers run through the city of Thailand. You can decide to explore them one by one as something fun to do in Thailand. Head to the various Bangkok piers where ferries are located. Catch one to cruise the rivers while you learn the different ferry routes. Expect to see the best from various sites.

Attending Expat Events

Keep your pulse going on by attending various expat and local events in Thailand.

Start by researching the various sports activities, art and nightlife. Doing this will help you monitor the available events in the city. Check on magazines such as the One Place Bangkok and BK magazine, which often give insights on various open local events.

If you need help, search for couch surfing and websites to get the necessary resources that will assist you in meeting other locals and expats in the city.


You need to consider taking a long visit to Thailand. The place is where you would want to be. You don’t have to worry about pockets because it’s an affordable country. Additionally, the real estate sector in Thailand is also superb; you can decide to get yourself a permanent unit over there as your second home.


Jeff Campbell