3 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs A Tune Up

You know how to crank up the AC in your Mansfield, Texas, home, and that’s important in the heat of the summer. But do you know the warning signs of an HVAC system that’s in need of repair? Warning signs like a lack of cool air, strange noises or smells, leaks, and increased energy bills are all indicators something is wrong and that you should have a professional out to take a look.

Not Blowing Cool Air

This warning sign is pretty straightforward.

If you turn on your air conditioner, turn down the temperature, and get only slightly cooled air at best and warm air at worst, something is wrong and your system may need repairs.

You could have clogged evaporator coils, meaning the refrigerant can’t absorb heat, or you could have leaks either of the refrigerant or within your ductwork.

Warm air isn’t what anyone wants on a hot summer day, so call one of our professionals out for repair work if your home is still warm even with the AC running.

Strange Smells and Noises

Have you recently noticed a strange smell coming from your AC? It could mean repairs are in your future. A smell like dirty socks could indicate stagnate water or a dirty evaporator coil.

A rotting smell near a vent could mean an animal has made its way into your ductwork. A burning smell may mean wiring issues, an overheated motor, or even a short in the system.

The emergent nature of strange smells ranges from getting a professional out when you can to turn your system off immediately, but no matter what, give us a call so we can help you out.

Weird noises coming from your system can also indicate issues that need to be addressed. The only noise you should hear from your system is the initial sound it makes when it kicks on.

If you hear anything else like hissing, clanking, or banging, contact us to schedule a service call with our team.

Increasing Energy Bills

An air conditioner that is functioning at its peak should not take long to get to temperature, but if the air it’s blowing isn’t cold, it will continue to run.

An HVAC system that runs constantly is going to run up your energy bill very fast. Unfortunately, this isn’t a warning sign that you’ll notice right away since you won’t see it until you get the bill in the mail.

If your bill suddenly spikes compared to the same time last year, it may be time to have someone come take a look.

For the team at Performance Heat and Air, Inc, our main goal is your comfort.

If your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly, you aren’t as comfortable as you could be and are likely paying more than you should for your cool air.

We can help though — call us at 817-349-3567 to have one of our trained professionals come out, look at your system, and complete any repairs necessary to get your AC back up and running.

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