Please, Don’t Stop The Music! Four Outstanding Alternatives to iTunes for You

iTunes was once the best music player for the Mac. Now he has grown into some monster. In it, you can listen and buy music, purchase movies and books, install applications for iOS. If you think the music player should work with music, not books and apps, here are six alternatives to iTunes.

The Choice is Yours – Four Applications that Have Same Features as iTunes


It is a top-rated player for Mac. It has a minimalistic interface, reminiscent of AIMP for Windows, but this shell hides impressive functionality.

It can play files from the local music library, music from SoundСloud, YouTube audio recordings, and play streams of about 30,000 online radio stations.

The paid Loop feature provides access to a dimensionless music repository through which you can sync your music library with your iPhone.

There is a version of VOX for iOS. Among all alternatives to itunes, this player has many advantages for users, regardless of their experience level.

The player has an equalizer and synchronization with the iTunes audio library. VOX can be controlled through the buttons that appear in the tray conveniently. The program is free, but subscribing to additional radio stations costs $ 19.99. You will have to pay for the Loop music repository if you need it.


Swinsian is inferior to VOX in supporting music services, but it does an excellent job with the local music library. This player supports all popular music file formats. You can listen to not only music with it, but also podcasts. The player can scrobble at

Swinsian is suitable for cataloging your music library. He’s capable of creating smart playlists, and his tag editor is incredible. There is also an autoload of covers from the Internet.

Because Swinsian is explicitly designed for the Mac, it can convert music for iPod, iPhone, and iPad and interact with AirTunes devices by sending music to your gadget through the air. The player costs $ 19.95, but you can try it for free.


Tomahawk can play music from your library, but the main emphasis is on something else. This player integrates with many online services, playing music from anywhere. Sometimes you will not guess where the next selected Tomahawk song comes from – from the local audio library or the bowels of the Web.

The player plays music from YouTube, Jamendo, Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play Music, Rhapsody, Tidal, Amazon Music, or OwnCloud.

Nonetheless, on many services, you must first log in to your account. Tomahawk is also able to make charts, choosing the most famous music from iTunes, Billboard, or Metacritic. There are smart playlists too. Music fans can enjoy this application or explore more on if they are looking for some unique features.

The player has a version for Android devices and can synchronize your music collection with it. Besides, Tomahawk users can recommend music to each other and create their radio stations.

The disadvantage of the player is that it is most actively developed under Linux, and the versions for Windows and Mac keep up with some delay.

Therefore, it works decently in Linux, and in the Mac version, it slows down the search for files on the Web. The developers promise to fix this, so it’s worth taking a closer look at this player.

Audirvana plus

Developers call their creation a player for audiophiles. Indeed, the sound of Audirvana is perfect. And the abundance of settings will delight especially sophisticated music lovers. True, the full potential of the player will be revealed only on excellent equipment.

The player can play music from Qobuz, Tidal, and HighResAudio VirtualVault repositories, and it also supports smart playlists and integration with the iTunes library. There are applications to control playback remotely from the iPhone and iPad. Audirvana has an advanced tag editor and many different ways to display your collection.


iTunes has long ceased to be just a music player. Apple strangely did with its creation, forcing it to perform so many functions at the same time. If you need an application that plays and sorts of music, one of these would be a great choice.

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