6 Amazing Travel Photo Tips for to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Travelling is a joy of life and every vacation energizes us to get ready for the next few weeks or months of slogging at work. After completing our trip, the only thing that keeps us going is the memories of our cool vacay. So, it is important to learn these amazing travel photo tips to remember the golden days.

Are you always disappointed with your travel selfies and portraits when you peruse them later? Do you stalk other people’s Instagram accounts and feel jealous of their photography skills? Now, you can learn to click amazing travel photos as well. Get these cool tips jotted down and you’ll be the center of attention on social media.

Here are the top 6 simple tips and tricks to come out with the best travel photos from your vacation.

Utilize backgrounds and contrasts

Understanding how the photo will turn out before you click it is art. Always remember that the background matters.

When you visit the Eiffel Tower, make sure it is captured in a nice way, rather than taking a shot of a million people standing behind you and the monument barely visible. Pan out the angle and get the best and cleanest background.

Make good use of contrasts.

Don’t wear green if you are visiting a botanical garden; you might end up resembling a chameleon. Instead, try going for pristine white or flaming red. It gives your pictures an edge and makes you stand out.

Capture the best possible light

Light is a very important feature that can totally transform your photos.

Make use of the great sunset to capture silhouettes. Exploit the bathroom mirror lights for amazing selfies. Click sunkissed photos during the day. No matter what the time of the day is, there is always perfect lighting for photographs. You just need to find it and use it.

Research the place you are visiting, ask your Instagram followers to suggest great spots. You don’t need much to click great photos, just an insight into the conditions around you.

Do NOT explore flash photography

Flash is a great tool to capture photos in the dark, but if you have tried flash photography in the past, you know that it rarely turns out great.

If you want great vacation photos, flash is the one thing that you should avoid. If you want to capture a campfire, do it artistically. Capture silhouettes, artistic blurs but never go towards switching on your flash button.

Flash makes your eyes shine like the devil, gives an unflattering glow to the picture, and destroys the subtle shades and colors: three things that you don’t want in your vacay pictures.

Play with your focus

Keeping the subject in focus and blurring out the background is too mainstream and boring. Especially in your vacation pictures, the background might be too pretty to blur out. In this scenario, play with your focus. Take multiple photos of the same thing to judge which one works best.

Sometimes if you focus on the background, the photograph turns out really beautiful.

Or, you might wanna focus on a minor detail, with the sprawling beauty of nature looming in the background. These tricks make your photo unique and ensure maximum positive reaction.

Make candid your mantra

Poised pictures can definitely turn out perfect but candids have a soul that you won’t find anywhere else. When you have the camera in hand, seek out such beautiful and natural moments.

Take a clichéd picture of everyone laughing their heart out; it never gets old.

Whether you are frolicking at the beach or hiking in the mountains, candid shots bring out real emotions and also make you reminisce the moment when you see it later. These are the best forms of preserving your memories the way they were.

Get the framing right

Finding your subject is not enough.

You have to ensure that the subject is present in a creative way. For instance, thousands of people click pictures of and from the Statue of Liberty, but only a few stand out. Why? Because of the dash of creativity and uniqueness in them.

When talking about frames, I don’t mean picture frames to hang the photo.

You have to frame the photo’s subject in a way to give it better focus and guide your viewers into seeing it exactly the way you intended. Make use of backgrounds, reflections and other surrounding things to achieve this effect.

Just getting the perfect photos won’t do the trick. To make your vacation more memorable, you can print Instagram photos and turn them into canvas.

This will lend a beautiful personal touch to your living space while showing off your cool photography skills. So, try out these tips and share your vacation photos with us too.

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