What Flowers are Best During Anniversaries?

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Gifting flowers during anniversaries has been an age-old tradition. Withstanding the test of time, flowers top the list of anniversary gifts even today.  In fact, the practice has only grown in stature and strength. Whether honoring a decade of marital bliss or celebrating a year at a new job, anniversaries are milestone days in our lives – and anniversary flowers add significance and grace to the day. Read on to learn which flower represents each anniversary and then contact a calgary flower delivery to get the flowers you need.

Carnations – Traditionally Carnations symbolizes the beginning of love – a love that is young and passionate. No wonder then that these beauties are the chosen flowers for the important milestone of first anniversaries.

Lily of the Valley – These elegant flowers symbolize purity and devotion. They are perfect for many occasions but they are mostly used as second anniversaries gifts.

Sunflower – Third anniversaries are cheerful occasions and there is no better way to celebrate this than with sunflowers. They symbolize lasting happiness! If you want to bring in some sunshine-happiness into the lives of your loved ones who are celebrating their third anniversary, gift a bunch of glorious Sunflowers as anniversary flowers delivered at their doorstep through one of the many reputed florists in Sydney.

Hydrangea – After four years of togetherness, appreciation and gratitude are what you feel for each other. Hydrangeas symbolize exactly these emotions. When your heart feels like saying, “Thank you for being there!” pick up a vase of these blue or pink beauties and express your love for your significant other.

Daisy – Loyalty, innocence, and faith are what daisies stand for. They are perfect gifts when you are celebrating a togetherness that is five years long.

Calla Lily – Represent pure love and growth. This truly elegant and sophisticated flower helps you celebrate the important milestone in your loved one’s life in a strikingly graceful way. Cara Lily is perfect for rejoicing the bond that has been forged for over six years.

Freesia – Trust and good spirit are vital to forging an everlasting bond of love and harmony in any relationship. The bright and cheerful Freesias echo these important emotions in all their colorful glory. These are perfect as anniversary flowers if you are attending a seventh-anniversary party.

Daffodil – Don’t you feel a wave of happiness when you spot these lovely flowers. These beauties symbolize happiness and respect – a perfect wish for your loved ones on their 10th wedding anniversary. If you wish their relationship to continue on this path of happiness and mutual respect, a bunch of daffodils will be an ideal gift.

Rose – Since ages, red roses are the ultimate symbol of passion and romance. After 15 years of togetherness, nothing better but a bunch of red roses can declare your continued love for your better half. So many years together, your love is as sensual as ever.

Aster – Symbolising patience and wisdom, Asters are perfect for ushering a new decade in a relationship after two decades of being together.

White Roses – with silver embellishments are perfect for the splendid 25th anniversary.

Yellow Roses – Bringing in that bright, golden hue to your lives, is a bunch of yellow roses – the perfect bloom on the very special occasion of a 50th anniversary. To wish a relationship blooms in fragrant love for many more years to come, carry a bunch of these golden beauties.

Flowers hold special significance when it comes to important days and they are still used to convey special messages and meaning. Over the years, flowers have come to be associated with special anniversaries and they help carry on the theme even today.

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