It’s Time to Investigate Those Annoying House Noises

When it comes to making our houses the best they can be, we tend to focus most of our attention on big things, such as kitchen or bathroom renovations, new flooring, painting, property extensions, etc.

However, over time little things can become quite bothersome, too, especially noises that don’t need to be there. If you hear squeaks, creaks, buzzing, and other sounds that drive you up the wall, it’s time to take steps to silence them. Here’s what you can do today.

Creaky Doors

One of the most common household noises you’ll come across, and thankfully one that’s not too hard to fix, is a creaky door. Much of the time, the reason why your doors start making annoying sounds is that they have a dry or corroded hinge pin.

You can sort this issue out by applying some WD-40 or another joint lubricant, such as petroleum jelly or even surfboard wax, to the top of the pin.

Let it drip down to completely cover the hinge, and mop up any excess with a paper towel or cloth. Open and close your door several times e to ensure the lubricant works through the pin and coats it all.

Running Toilets

One frustrating problem that can also drive up your household bills is a running toilet.

When the water keeps running all the time, not just when you flush the machine, you’ll have to live with an annoying sound and a more expensive water bill. This problem can stem from numerous things, including a faulty flapper, a high water level, an issue with the fill tube or valve, or a water-logged float.

Much of the time, if you notice that the cistern’s float is sitting too high (which causes water to keep flowing down the overflow pipe), you can make an adjustment and fix the problem quickly.

Ensure the float is sitting below the overflow pipe rather than above it, and you hopefully won’t have any more unnecessary noises to deal with. If this doesn’t sort things out, investigate other likely issues to stop a running toilet, or call in a plumber for assistance.

Squeaking Fans

Fans are great products to have in the house to keep things temperate and air moving.

However, when they start to squeak, the noise can drive anyone nuts. If you have this situation in your home, start by checking the tops of the blades. If there’s too much dust accumulated there, the extra weight of this, even though it’s light, can negatively impact the fan’s balance. In turn, this can lead to motor squeaking.

Keep the blades clean to avoid this problem.

On the other hand, if you have a ceiling fan with light, the issue could be coming from the light bulbs. Make sure they’re screwed in tightly and that the mounting screws on the globe are secure. You should also wiggle each blade on your fan to see if any are loose. Retighten mounting screws as needed if you find any that aren’t secure.

Another possible reason for a noisy fan is if the blades have come out of balance.

Utilize a fan-balancing kit to address this – they’re for sale at many home and hardware stores. If these fixes don’t stop the issue, the bearings of the fan’s motor may have worn out. A replacement fan is your best bet in this situation.

Rattling Pipes

Before you sit up in alarm in the middle of the night, thinking you have a burglar trying to break into your home, pay attention to where rattling sounds come from.

It’s likely the noises emanate from your pipes. Household water pipes that clank and whine etc. often do so because they’re not adequately anchored to the floor joists.

You may need to wrap the pipes in rubber pipe insulation and nail them to the joists with appropriate pipe straps in multiple spots to stop the pipes from rattling when water runs through them.

Other things can cause noisy pipes too, though, such as water-logged air cushioning chambers, pipes that touch their framing without any cushioning, and, a more common problem, excess water pressure. It’s best to have a plumber investigate and rectify any of these other problems, as they can be tricky to sort out without proper training and experience.

These are just a few of the more common household noises that many people hear.

Other sounds include buzzing lightbulbs, creaking floorboards, clanking radiators, squealing faucets, noisy stairs, thumping washing machines, whistling windows, and clanging air conditioners. Do what you can to rectify problems but always keep safety top of mind. Many issues require the expertise and attention of licensed professionals to sort out.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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