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Are You Looking After Your Hair Clippers Properly?

Grooming and hair care, like any discipline, requires the right tools to achieve the best possible results. Scissors, combs, and high-quality hair clippers enable precise work and should be looked after in much the same way that any tools would be cared for and maintained.  Not only can properly caring for clippers extend their working life, but also ensure hygiene – a crucial element for professionals looking after the haircare needs of clients. Are you looking after your hair clippers properly? And how should you be maintaining them for effective long-term usage?

Cleaning Your Clippers

Cleaning out your hairdressing clippers regularly is important for owners, concerning both personal and professional uses. Failing to regularly clean out your clippers can result in a build-up of hair and skin, as well as natural oils that both produce. These can mitigate the free motion of the blades, dull the blades in a much quicker time frame and also harbor bacteria. Regular cleaning can prevent this build-up, and keep your clippers at their best.

What You Will Need for Cleaning

In order to properly clean your clippers, you will need the right cleaning equipment. Many clippers come with their own cleaning brushes, but if yours did not you should invest in a small cleaning brush to get in between the blades. Professional clipper cleaning solutions are available to purchase over the counter, which can disinfect and lubricate your clippers simultaneously – but it is possible to clean them without this solution, using a vinegar-water solution, instead. You may also want to invest in compressed air to blow out any stubborn hairs before you clean.

How to Clean Your Clippers

Hairdressing clippers are designed to be easy to maintain. For a swift post-usage clean, the clipper blades can simply be submerged in water and activated to loosen clumped hair. For a deeper clean, the blades can be removed using a flat-head screwdriver before brushing with the cleaning solution. Compressed air can help dry the blades and remove hair from the clipper body.

The Importance of Oiling Your Clipper’s Blades

Cleaning your clipper blades is not the only route to ensuring their effectiveness and longevity; regular oiling can prevent blade oxidation and help preserve their sharpness. Oiling can also help keep friction to a minimum, keeping the clippers cool and quiet during usage.

When to Oil

Oiling should be carried out after every usage of your clippers, to give your blades the best chance at a long life. Make sure to run the clippers after applying the oil, to make sure all the blades receive coverage, and the clippers are well-lubricated before their next usage.

Looking after your clippers has several advantages, both hygienic and economical. Incorporating a regular cleaning habit into the day-to-day usage of your clippers will mean you can continue to safely use them for years to come.



Jeff Campbell