5 of the Most Common Auto Accident Injuries That Victims Report

Getting into a car accident can be very scary. Not only are you worried about your car and dealing with insurance, but you also have to be concerned about injuries.

Just like the details of a car accident are unique to the situation, so are the various auto accident injuries. If you or a loved one has recently experienced being in a car accident, it’s important to be on the lookout for signs of common injuries.

Keep reading to learn the 5 most common type of auto accident injuries that victims report.


Whiplash occurs when the neck whips back and forth, which injures the muscles and tendons.

There are many signs of whiplash depending on the severity. These include neck pain, stiffness, headaches, loss of range of motion, and dizziness. Some cases even report experiencing blurred vision or ringing in the ears.

Most whiplash will heal over time with rest depending on the severity but you may need to seek medical care.

Soft-Tissue Damage

Even in car accidents that aren’t monumental, damage to your soft tissue can occur. The seat belt locking up or the airbag deploying can also often cause bruising and minor scrapes or cuts.

At higher levels of impact, glass from broken windows or damage to the metal framing can also lead to cuts and scrape of your soft tissue


Concussions are not as uncommon of an auto accident injury as you may think. Most of the time symptoms of a concussion do not appear immediately after the accident has occurred.

If you begin experiencing nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears, or even just intense headaches this can be signs of being mildly concussed. If confusion or slurred speech occurs you should contact a car accident doctor as soon as possible.


Your muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons can also become injured during an auto accident. When an accident occurs your body is often stretched, bent, or compressed which can lead to these kinds of injuries.

Musculoskeletal auto accident injuries can often be just as painful as broken bones and can limit your range of motion. If you notice redness, inflammation, or swelling anywhere on your body this is an indication of this type of injury.

Fractured Or Broken Bones

Bones can get fractured during accidents, especially the driver’s hands. Your feet and legs are also at risk since they take a ton of impact in a front-end crash.

Spinal injuries are also commonly reported. Your spine can fracture or even just become misaligned depending on the point of impact. Pay attention to your body after a crash and make a note in you feel anything out of the ordinary.

Reporting Auto Accident Injuries

In the heat of the moment right after an accident occurs, adrenaline is racing through your body. This can lead to you not noticing any auto accident injuries that may be present until later on.

Make sure that after an accident, that you assess how your body is feeling, especially once you have calmed down a bit. Report any noticeable injuries and seek appropriate medical attention.

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