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10 Auto Tools You Need In Your Garage

Got a new car or got a recent thought to do your tidbits auto repairs by yourself? Well, that’s going to save you a boatload of money. But being a handy guy in this matter doesn’t seem good unless you have a garage that has sophisticated tools lined up for your services, right?

Here we are with some recommendations that can upgrade your arsenal and though the self-servicing of your vehicles is going to offload the weight on your wallet. Shop online and you can save lofty bucks as well. Use the Advance Auto Parts promo codes, and you can cut off straight 25% off along with free installation services.

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Auto Tools That Are Must For A Garage

Obviously, just a few collected wrenches, screwdrivers, duct tape are not going to do much to support you and that’s not what can make others jealous of your garage. So, kit your garage and make your weekends productive:

1. Torque Wrench

The tool that we usually see in mechanic’s hands, what I mean by that is there’s surely a reason why it is in first place on our list. Tightening a nut bolt is super important work to do when it comes to repairing and that could be done by a Torque wrench.

What you can do here is either get a set or just the specifics individually as your budget and convenience suggest and all that would be available at Amazon.

2. OBDII Code Reader

“Check Engine” lights are the old stories now and if it’s about diagnosing your vehicle then why not to do it in an accurate way, right?

So, get this Code Reader, plug it into the onboard diagnostic board, and know what’s wrong with your car through that mobile phone-sized screen and it would be to the point always to save your time in randomizing the things. Now don’t tell me, it isn’t supporting your car as for that the vehicle you got should be manufactured before 1996.

And if that’s not the case then “” will help you out with deals too.

3. Mechanics Tool Set

As I said, few wrenches and screwdrivers are not going to pull off that much for you so, in that sense getting a Mechanics Tool Set seems way too better.

You can have different sets of ratchets, sockets, wrenches, hex keys, extension bars, and much more if you have the toolset and yes don’t forget the carrying case that can take off the tension to manage all those tools. A perfect one as per our recommendation can be bought from Craftsman, you know they are specialized in the field so who knows better than them.

4. Drill/ Driver With Set Of Bits

A garage without Drill or Driver- I mean does that sound like a garage?

So, it’s obviously a must-have and it’s not going to work without the bits and that too of varieties. This all I guess is already imagined by Milwaukee as they have all in this box of Drill that you may require- a lightweight drill that can be controlled by a non- bodybuilder too, great power and Phillips bits, square bits, slotted bits, hex bits, TORX bits, Pozidriv bits.

That was a lot- anything else that you might wish in that box?

Did I miss from where you can get that Milwaukee drill set at an affordable price? Well, no worries as you must have Home Depot around, or an online order always works well.

5. Flashlight

All things apart, what if you can’t see, whether in that dark night or in those nooks of your car? I mean we couldn’t even give a thought to repairing, right?

Yes, that’s where we are reaching- a flashlight that may assist you in these times. While getting one, remember to have a look at the power, different intensity modes, and your convenience while repairing. I have come across this Redline flashlight at Nebotools- quite handy, can be kept in your pocket and with a magnetic base so that you can work with both of your hands by sticking it to your car.

6. Floor Jack And Stand

Tell me, how many times have you have to lift your car for whatever reason and you borrowed the Jack from your friends or for a shortcut left off the car to the mechanic?

So, just give a prompt to yourself and get this way too needy now as there will be many more times when you won’t be able to repair that stuff of yours without lifting it. If you ask me, Amazon is really a hoarder for Floor Jack and Stands and you will find quite a good stock there at a reasonable price.

What I liked there is this aluminum-framed Powerzone 3- Hydraulic Jack as the specifications seem good enough for repairing.

7. Creeper

Want to go under the car, drag that cardboard, carpet, or your child’s skateboard, and suffer pain there? Well, now that you are upgrading your garage or planning for a new one this is a great chance to get a relaxer for you so that you don’t make a hurry to come out.

This one that has caught my eyeballs is from Torin called 4-Position Headrest Shop Creeper that has all to comfort your back and head too and you can find it easily at Amazon and you know the sale season there is evergreen.

8. Vise Grips

Suddenly got flashbacks of you trying hard to turn that rusted screw in your vehicle? Well, that says you really need a tool that can neatly grip that screw and save you from all those miss-outs.

Well, what I would suggest is nothing is better than those old-fashioned Vise-Grips and the one that I have in mind is from Irwin that is of 10-inch. Or you will find many options at Advance Auto Parts.

One more thing that you can do here is picking up the Grips of different sizes to keep them handy in every situation.

9. Extinguisher

We know what you just had in your mind- this isn’t really so important!

Well, that’s what we all think until the situation is finally there. So, as you are going to be around highly inflammable liquid while repairing, get an extinguisher at your place. Well, as the item is quite common just remember to compare the price and take note of deals and delivery charges whatever outlet it is.

10. Oil Pan/ Drip Tray And Funnel

What’s the common thing that we do when it comes to repairing your vehicle? You may have got changing the tire first in mind but what I had is Oil Changing. Well, keeping that in mind we should have a Drip Tray and Funnel to easily change the oil, without creating any mess around that could give you a headache when it comes to cleaning it up.

Obviously, dropping off your car or other vehicles every time at a mechanic shop is not really a thing. I mean there are times that can be handled by us- non-professionals only or maybe sometimes the mechanic would not be in your reach.

So, just don’t wait for these emergencies and shorten up that budget of yours by getting these important tools at a slashed down cost- doesn’t “cherry on the cake” explain this saving better?