Baby Teething: Tips For Soothing Sore Gums 

Teething is a period that involves eruption or breaking of teeth through the gums. When babies feel irritable or pain in their gums, this is the point when teething begins. 6 to 24 months are crucial in this stage. The onset of this phase might be painful. Many baby teething remedies help your child feel relieved.  

There is a lot that you can do to help your baby during the teething phase. To find more about the teething remedies, continue reading. This article includes everything from teething symptoms to treatments.  

What are Teething Symptoms in Babies?  

There is a chance that you realize about your baby’s teething long after he/she begins to show signs. For this reason, we have listed down some common symptoms so that you can know about them as they start appearing.  

  • Biting 
  • Drooling  
  • Rash 
  • Coughing 
  • Ear pulling 
  • Cheek rubbing 
  • Irritability  
  • Refusing to eat 

Some kids show no sign of teething, while for some, it is a painful phase.

The pain felt by babies is extreme, and during the night, it becomes worse. The reason for this is that babies are exhausted, and at night while they are asleep, there are fewer distractions. This is the reason that pain becomes more intense and worse at night.  

You need to be careful so that you know when your baby is showing signs of teething.  

These symptoms leave after some time when teeth begin to erupt. This might take a few weeks. During this time, you can try some useful methods to soothe your child. We can give you some baby teething remedies to help your child with the process.  

Remedies for Baby Teething  

You may ask, “What’s good for teething babies?” several remedies are available to soothe a crying baby. Teething toys have proven to be one of the best remedies for irritation and pain felt by the baby. At, you can find some baby teething toys that can help teething babies.  

Use a Cold Washcloth  

“How to help a teething baby?” 

This is a common question that parents ask when their kids are passing through the painful process. Using a damp cold washcloth can be a useful remedy to help your kid. You can take a clean cloth and submerge it in water. Take it out and place the damp cloth in the fridge.  

Once it is cold, take it out and fold. Give it to your baby so that he/she can place it in the gums to relieve the pain.  

Do not leave your child unattended while he is sucking. This might lead to a choking hazard.  

Chilled Fruit for Sore Gums  

Once your baby has become used to eating solid foods, you can try giving a tasty snack to relive the pain. This is one of the teething remedies that works most of the time. You can mesh the fruit or any other solid food that your baby likes. Place it on the mesh feeder to avoid choking. Your baby can suck or lick it.  

Massage the Sore Gums 

One of the baby teething remedies includes massaging the sore gums. You can press the gums carefully to help your crying baby. Wash your hands and take your finger into your baby’s mouth. Be careful with the pressure and gently massage our baby’s teeth.  

Give Your Child a Teething Toy 

Giving your child a teething toy is one of the teething remedies. You can put the toy in the fridge and wait for it to cool. Once it is cold, you can give it to your child. Make sure that the toy is clean to keep your child away from germs.  

Wipe the Drool to Prevent Irritation  

Do you know what’s good for teething babies? Wiping the drool away is one of the baby teething remedies that is considered valid. Drooling is one of the main signs of teething. Wipe the drool to be sure that your baby does not develop any rash. Use a soft cloth to wipe away the drool.  

Ginger Root is Effective  

If your baby’s teeth are making him/her feel irritation, then one of the remedies also include rubbing peeled ginger root. Ginger root is natural anti-inflammatory food. It helps in soothing the nerve endings. If your child feels irritation, peel ginger root and rub it on his/her gums.  

Chew on a Toothbrush 

Now, this can be quite challenging, and you need to be extra careful while giving your baby a toothbrush. Since kids do not know how to use a toothbrush, so they shouldn’t use it without supervision. There are several rubber gum massagers that mothers can wear on their fingers. Toothbrush promoted dental hygiene, so this can be one of the most effective baby teething remedies.  

Give Your Child Popsicles  

If your child loves to eat fruits, then you can soothe him/her by giving their favorite popsicles. It is quite easy to make popsicles at home. You can try a different recipe and provide them with a popsicle to chew on. They will feel relief immediately.   

Facial Massage  

How to help a teething baby? You can help a teething baby by giving a facial massage.  

Yes, it is true. Your baby can either enjoy it or resist it, but there is no harm in trying. You can give your baby a massage when giving him/her a bath. There is nothing like a gentle massage after a hot shower. Make sure you know to put the right amount of pressure.  

These are some remedies that can help you in soothing a crying child. Try as many of these soothing tips so that you can help your child when he/she is in pain.  

What Did We Learn? 

There are many ways to know how to help a teething baby. While the phase is painful and you might find it hard to deal with it, but with the number of baby teething remedies, you can find a way to soothe your child. Make sure you use these remedies to help your child.  




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