15 Awesome Baby’s First Birthday Ideas You Must Try

15 Awesome Baby’s First Birthday Ideas You Must Try

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by Lena Hemsworth, edited by Jeff Campbell (parent of a 1 year old)

Looking for baby’s first birthday ideas for their upcoming birthday?

Your baby is one year old – congratulations! Now it’s time to celebrate.

It’s time to mark this day in a special way.  Of course, your baby won’t remember this party but you, your family and friends will. Plus your pictures and videos will last a lifetime and your baby will only turn one once.

So let’s make this baby’s first birthday extra special!

We did a bit of digging around and we’ve come up with these amazing baby’s first birthday ideas & tips you simply have to try!

There are a lot of factors to think about, and here are just some of the ways to deal with the party organization. So, let’s check them out right away.

1. Don’t overwhelm your baby

The best baby’s first birthday ideas won’t matter if your baby is not in a mood for it.

One way to ensure your baby doesn’t get scared or overwhelmed with feelings is to shorten down your guest list. Call only the closest of friends and family; people your baby is familiar with.

2. Balloons and even more Balloons

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Balloons are simply favorites for toddlers.

They love their shape, sound, and quite often their taste (even though this shouldn’t be encouraged).

Mylar balloons are recommended as they represent no choking hazard. They also aren’t as apt to pop which can scare your baby.

Balloons are simply an amazing way to spice up your baby’s party.

3. Schedule your party around nap time

Babies have very short attention spans and they get tired very easily.

That’s why you need to plan the party just after the baby’s nap.

Whether it’s during the late morning, or late afternoon, it’s up to you. Make sure your party ends after an hour or an hour and a half max.

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4. Create a Play Zone

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Quite a lot of toddlers are still crawling on their first birthday, and that’s why you need to create a separate and safe play area.

Baby-proof your play zone and fill it up with age-appropriate toys in case that there are little friends coming over.

5. Simple treats

Don’t overdo it with the snacks and food.

Your toddler’s first birthday isn’t about your cooking skills. Chopped fruits, graham cookies and simple snacks and treats like that will do perfectly.

Since the party is scheduled around nap time, it’s not likely going to be at lunch time or dinner time, so no need to go crazy on the adult food either.

6. Ask for help in party prep

Ask your family members to help you out with the party.

Get a designated sitter, someone who will take care of your baby while you’re busy organizing the party.

Get someone your baby loves so they don’t get bored while you’re preparing everything.

7. Get creative

There’s a ton of baby’s first birthday ideas you can use.

Use your imagination and create an interesting theme for your baby.

By now you must know what are the favorite toys and cartoons, so consider organizing a party with that in mind.

Find someone to read their favorite stories, or hire a storyteller from a local library. If the weather is nice, try to organize the party outside, as it gives you so many other opportunities for party ideas.

8. Spark your toddler’s imagination

You could use old cardboard boxes and make them into something fun for your baby’s first birthday.

From airplanes, through cars and trains, all the way to the ships and boats, your only limit is your own imagination.

You can find a lot of materials on how to create these things online, so don’t be afraid to try.

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9. Keep up with the theme

If your party is train themed, as an example, make sure you organize a few little rituals to follow that theme.

Send invitations in forms of train tickets; ask your guests to follow some short routines and make train-themed birthday hats.

You can even play a conductor during the party. It’s fun and memorable and even though your baby won’t remember it years later you will both cherish looking back over the photos in the coming years.

Not sure about the invitations? Check out all of the 4-5 star invitations on Amazon Prime and find the perfect one for your baby!

10. Use your backyard

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Your backyard is an amazing place to organize the party at.

You can have a small picnic or a barbecue, set a baby-safe area or even get a small inflatable baby pool; the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure your toddler is having a good time too and not getting over-stimulated.

11. Do your research

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If you’re not the DIY type, don’t despair.

There are some great services and quite a lot of amazing places ideal for your toddler’s party.

Quite a lot of professionals specialize in this type of event organizing, so don’t be afraid to look it up. But even the most DIY-challenged can find inspiration on Pinterest.

12. Search tutorials

The internet is an amazing place.

You would be surprised at how many useful things there are to learn. If you’re the kind of person who loves creating things, this might be the best solution for preparing your baby’s party.

13. Birthday presents

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Babies love toys that make noise or light up. But they also love things they can chew on!

Toys that may help your baby start to walk are also always great baby’s first birthday ideas. Texturized and colorful books are another good choice, so there are a lot you and your family can pick out for your little bundle of joy.

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14. Don’t stress

Your toddler can sense how you’re feeling, and they often get stressed when you’re under a lot of stress.

Try not to panic or feel anxious about the party. You’re not organizing a gala, it’s just a small event to celebrate with your closest friends and family.

15. Have a good time

Enjoy the time you have with your baby, as we all know how fast they grow.

Make sure you’re happy and that you have a good time, both as a parent, and as an adult.

Did we cover everything you wanted to know about baby’s first birthday ideas?

We hope you enjoyed exploring these baby’s first birthday ideas and tips!

We not only looked at party favors, presents and activities but also important tips like planning the party around nap time and not over-stimulating your baby by inviting too many people.

This will be a day you will remember forever, so make it special, keep it simple, take plenty of pictures and treasure the moment.

Any tips, suggestions or questions on creating a great 1st birthday party for your child?

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