Parenting: 4 Back to School Essentials for Your Kids

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Whether you are sending your child to school for the first time or are an old hand at the back-to-school process, there are certain school supplies that are essential to ensure that your child gets the most out of the learning experience.

And with our hectic lifestyles, it is all too easy to forget a thing or two. Aside from investing in a quality backpack for kids, here is a list of some other essentials to get your child off to a good start in the classroom.

School Supplies

While some schools provide children with supplies kits, most still expect parents to provide their children with all the required supplies.

Here is a quick list of the most essential school supplies to purchase before your child goes back to school. A pencil bag or a school box is essential to keep your child’s possessions safely in one spot.

Load them up with pencils, pens, scissors, crayons, and highlighters. Some other essentials include ruled notebooks, post-it notes, as well as pocket folders and binders for loose bits of paper. Invest in colored folders—one for each subject—to help your child stay organized.


Depending on your child’s school policy and grade, they may be required to use electronics in the classroom.

Electronics can also be a valuable learning tool at home—it is a good idea to download free apps to help your child get on top of their math, reading or other subjects.

Some learning accessories that are most popular in the classroom include laptops, tablets, and iPads (be sure to also invest in protective casing to keep these safe from accidental bumps).

When stocking up on electronics for your child, don’t forget to invest in a pair of headphones, as these may be required by the school. Opt for full padded headphones for a younger child.

Lunch Box and Water Bottle

A lunch box should be large enough to fit your child’s meal and small enough to easily fit into their school bag. A quality lunch box should also be waterproof to prevent any leaks that could damage your child’s books.

During hot summer months, it might be a good idea to place a small ice pack in your child’s lunch box to keep their food fresh and drinks cool. In the interest of the environment, consider investing in reusable sandwich bags rather than disposable ones.

Ensuring that your child stays hydrated throughout the day should be a priority. As school water fountains can be a breeding ground for germs, it is a good idea to buy your child a spill-proof water bottle.

Little Extras

There are a number of small items that can make your child’s school life a lot easier, not to mention more hygienic.

Why not pop some tissues and antibacterial wipes into your child’s backpack to prevent the spread of germs. Antibacterial wipes, or hand sanitizers, can also be used to help your child keep their school desk clean.

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