Back to School Supplies You May Not Have Thought to Purchase


Back to school already? It seems like just a few weeks ago you were picking them up from their last day of school and now it’s time to return. Hopefully, you guys were able to make the best of the summer off. So as not to get caught off guard, now is a good time to begin preparing the kids to go back to school.

Though most schools provide parents with a list, there are a few items your child may need that you didn’t consider. Check out the list below:

Water Bottles

There are likely water fountains located in the school, but it may not be from the freshest source. Not to mention, if your child gets thirsty in the middle of class they may not be able to get up and head to the fountain. To keep them hydrated throughout the day it is recommended that you purchase a water bottle. 

Hand Sanitizer & Tissues

Back to school season is also cold and flu season. Kids carry all kinds of germs and bacteria around and it festers in the school until it’s cleaned. To prevent your children from getting sick, it’s best that they be prepared with some hand sanitizer and facial tissues. 


Whether your child is in preschool or college keeping their personal belongings separated from others is important.

Rather than ruining items by writing in magic marker, it is best to purchase some labels. 

They have some of the best school labels by Lee Lee Labels online that you can purchase with your child’s name printed on them. You can stick these on pencil boxes, tablets, book bags, jackets, and whatever else your kids need. 

Flash Drives

These days kids don’t do as much writing as they used to. Much of their education is received online. From homework assignments to essays and reports, they’ll need to keep track of their digital content. Flash drives are ideal because your child can save, edit, and print data from wherever there is a computer or laptop available. 


Whether it’s listening to an exam on the computer or sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch headphones can come in handy. Your children can listen without being disruptive to the other students.


It is important for your children to maintain proper hygiene while in school. While schools provide hand soap and towels, it may not be all they need. A small bag with deodorant, lotion, breath mints, sanitary napkins, and wet wipes would be ideal. 


While some schools provide tablets, laptops, and computers for the students to use for their studies, others simply don’t have the budget. They may require parents to purchase the technology for them. 


Kids have pretty healthy appetites.

Though they get breakfast and lunch at school, there’s a possibility they could get hungry prior to leaving for the day. Some teachers will allow students to nibble on something small.

So, you want to make sure your child has healthy back to school snacks like granola bars, yogurt, raw veggie sticks, or a sandwich in their book bags just in case. 

Special Item

Going back to school is a big adjustment for kids. Fitting in with their peers and keeping up with their studies is a lot of pressure at times.

You can help them start the school year off right by purchasing them one special item. This could be a backpack with their favorite character on it, a special pen, a cool tablet cover, or whatever else might put a smile on their faces. 

As your summer starts to wind down don’t put off getting ready for back to school.

How you start the beginning of the year often dictates the tone until the end. You want your children to be successful and happy when they return and this starts with making sure they’re prepared. Once you’ve received the back to school supply list from your child’s school be sure to add the above commonly overlooked items to the list as well.

Jeff Campbell

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