7 Reasons to Make a Change to Bamboo Socks

We are constantly trying to figure out new, more eco-friendly approaches to basic things. While most of us have already switched onto bamboo fabric in clothing, very few comprehend that bamboo socks are a much better alternative for regular cotton ones. We have done great research on the advantages of organic bamboo socks and are ready to share the finds:

What are bamboo socks?

As much as the name suggests, bamboo socks are recognized for the innovative material they are made of, which is bamboo fiber. After bamboo stems are being collected, they are being processed into a highly technological fabric that has little to none alternatives.

While regular cotton is being blamed for abuse of water and pesticides, bamboo is a 100% organic and eco-friendly plant that grows back itself and doesn’t create an enormous demand for natural resources.

Bamboo socks are eco-friendly

The discussions about ethical fabrics seem to be everlasting. Though, it’s not that difficult when it comes to deciding between bamboo and cotton.

Production of a cotton fabric involves thousands of gallons of water. A lot of fertilizers also come in hand for growing amounts of cotton that meet the production needs. Moreover, the cotton industry is quite odious for severely underpaying its employees.

These socks prevent unpleasant odor

Unpleasant odor seems to be the worst thing that can ever happen to clothes, especially when it comes to socks. Regular socks soak all of your sweat and produce an unpleasant smell. It happens due to a lack of oxygen and low breathability of the material. Bamboo socks are famous for being ultra-breathable and, as a consequence, great at keeping you away from unpleasant smells.

Organic bamboo socks are soft

You have already got used to having our cotton socks unpleasant to the touch after one wash, haven’t you? It’s hard to believe that things can be different because the hardening of cotton material after some time in use is something we take for granted. But there is actually a way out!

In fact, no matter how many times you wear and wash your bamboo socks, they will also stay soft and won’t cause you any discomfort.

Bamboo socks allow better airflow

You already know that bamboo socks are wonderful when it comes to keeping your feet odour-free. While improved airflow of bamboo socks is to be thanked for this benefit, there is way more to be discussed.

The thing is, lack of breathability can also cause skin rashes and sensitive skin on the feet is very prone to this. So considering a change onto 100% organic bamboo socks is great for individuals with sensitive skin.

They regulate temperature

It’s a common problem for socks to be hot in the summertime and not warm enough during winter. This happens in cotton socks due to a lack of breathability. As you already know, 100% bamboo socks are famous for allowing better airflow, which makes breathability higher.

Adjusting to the temperature of your body, best bamboo socks will neither feel too hot nor too cold.

Bamboo socks are hypoallergenic

Severe allergic reactions to fabrics are quite uncommon, but a lot of people actually experience small irritations from interaction with cotton-based materials. Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, and they definitely demand special care that only bamboo socks can provide.

Organic bamboo socks are durable

We know how annoying it is to throw your socks away after wearing them a few times. However, it is also a very unsustainable practice. Regular cotton socks tear down very fast, and their color fades in two or three washes.

However, things are quite different when it comes to bamboo socks because bamboo fiber is way stronger than the cotton one. As a consequence, bamboo turns out to be more durable as fabric.

Where to buy bamboo socks

Most people resign from the idea of buying bamboo socks just because they think that they’re hard to find. Though, this is not how things really are as there’s plenty of bamboo socks for men altogether with women’s bamboo socks available.

You can check this bamboo socks guide to see a wide variety of 100% bamboo socks and read a detailed review of each option. Moreover, you can find links for buying your best pair, so you won’t puzzle yourself with the question “Where to buy bamboo socks?” anymore.


Socks from bamboo fabric are relatively new to the market. Nevertheless, they have already won the trust of many customers by being an ultimately high-quality and durable option.

Bamboo socks reviews admit that they appear beneficial for people with skin conditions such as rashes and irritations. Besides sucking the excess moisture, organic bamboo socks also provide improved airflow and fight an unpleasant odour.

Though, one of the crucial benefits of bamboo socks is their eco-friendliness: bamboo is a very non-demanding material, stems of which grow back themselves and require neither replanting nor fertilization.



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