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BBQ Party Planning Checklist: Don’t Forget These Essentials

The summer is here, and it’s time to crank up the grill. Having a BBQ party every summer is a must to help escape the bustle and hustle of life.

However, it’s your turn to plan and host the BBQ party, and you have no idea how to do this right. You don’t want to forget anything, as one missed item can ruin the party for everyone.

In this case, you need to continue reading this article. This post includes everything you need to plan the perfect BBQ party.


While your guests wait for food to get done, they may need more time to get a little cranky. Everyone knows it can take a while for the food to be completely done, so in this case, you’ll need appetizers set out before your guests arrive.

You can keep it simple, including ham and cracker plates, fruit trays, and mixed nuts. Or you can get fancy and make bacon wrap winners, dips, and veggie skewers.

Your guests will thank you for trying to keep them full before the main course is ready. Also, if you deice to go with the veggie idea, consider using a bamboo paddle skewer. It’ll provide an excellent presentation to your guests and is 100% made from natural material.

BBQ Tools

You already know that you need a grill for your party, and hopefully, you already have one. So, you can mark this off of your list.

However, what about tongs, fuel, matches, and heat-resistant gloves? If you don’t have any of these items, you might want to include them on your shopping list.

In addition to these items, you should consist of serving spoons and bowls, paper plates, and napkins. All of these items can make BBQing a lot more enjoyable and simpler.


Please remember the drinks! No one at the party wants to stuff their face without having something to wash it down with.

Also, most people don’t enjoy drinking water with their meals. Of course, they should drink the water due to its benefits. However, at a BBQ party, people will want something with taste.

So, make sure you grab soda and juice for your guests. You should also include alcoholic drinks for those who would like some. In addition, don’t forget the coolers and a big bag of ice. How else are you going to keep your drinks cold?

Safety Equipment

There’s no telling what can happen at a BBQ party. If there are kids around, someone can easily slip and fall, or a fire can happen out of nowhere while grilling. Also, since it’s summer, mosquitoes and other bugs are in full effect.

In such cases, you must be ready and prepared to take action quickly. So, be sure to have safety equipment on hand to care for anyone who had an accident.

You may need a fire extinguisher, bug spray, a first aid kit, and sunscreen. It may seem excessive, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Just like sides and refreshments, you will need condiments for your BBQ. But, of course, everyone has different taste buds, so be sure to pick up more than ketchup.

Consider buying mustard, relish, BBQ sauce, and mayonnaise. You may also want to purchase garnishes such as onions, avocado, and cilantro. And if you want to be different, consider using salsa as a topping for your burgers.


It’s a party, so it’s a must that you add decorations to the mix. You don’t have to go all out but try to create a theme for the party. For example, buy decorations in red, green, and black if it’s Juneteenth.

Of course, for the fourth of July, it’ll be easier for you to decorate for the party. Also, don’t forget about the music. Create a playlist and set up a speaker that provides good-quality sound.

Consider outdoor lighting if you plan on your party lasting throughout the night. You can find solar lanterns to help keep cost down on your electric bill and place them around the yard. However, for a unique effect, consider buying string lights. It’ll provide enough lighting in the backyard and make the party feel extra special.

Special Touches

If you want to make your BBQ memorable, consider going the extra mile. For example, you can always go right with a karaoke night. It’s a great way to liven up a party and ensure everyone has fun.

Another good idea is to have a photo op, so your guests can take pictures of the fun time they’re having. Lastly, consider a charging station for your guests. Phones don’t last forever, and your guests will be happy that you took the extra mile to ensure their phones stay on 100% while at the party.

Save This List for Your Next BBQ Party

Planning any party is a nerve-wracking experience, as you have to ensure everything is just right for your guests. And if it’s a BBQ party, your guests will expect it to be a fun experience.

Can you blame them? It’s the summer, so it’s a must to kick back and enjoy some fun.

So, if you plan on hosting a BBQ party this summer, make sure you have this list in hand and double-check it twice. You don’t want to forget anything!

Jeff Campbell