How to be More Relaxed but Efficient

How worried are you about things in your life? Hoping things would go your way only to find out they aren’t?

Stress can be from work, relationships, overwhelming responsibilities, or just simply, existing. The ups and downs that come with adulthood are inevitable and we all must accept that. So why let it get the best of you?

Stress and anxiety not only have momentary effects on an individual’s mood but also can impact one’s physical, mental, and sexual health, really badly.[1] At stressful times, you need to remain calm and relaxed. Plus, the ability to remain calm during a thunderstorm is an art in itself, yet it saves lives.

In addition to this, studies show that sex is a great way to release stress.[2] However, stress can have a huge impact on one’s libido and performance in bed, a negative one. There are certain problems like erectile dysfunction that can merely be stress and can lead to serious intimacy-related problems in relationships. This is called the stress-sex connection. Another reason why you must master the art of remaining calm and collected when life throws a mountain of stressful situations at you.

Manage Anxiety

To be calm and focus, you must first fight your biggest enemy– your anxiety. It can be a massive hindrance in not just your sexual life, but other aspects of your life too. Anxiety can leave to lower levels of confidence and an increase in sexual performance anxiety.  

Anxiety and stress also have negative effects on a person’s arousal. Studies show that women with anxiety find it harder to be sexually aroused than those without. In men, stress, and depression lead to erectile dysfunction, reducing libido.

You can manage your stress and anxiety by acceptance and activities that help cope up with anxiety. Having a strict hygiene and sleep schedule will keep you from feeling lethargic, boost your confidence, and stay focused. 


There are ample reasons why you must hit the gym, so here have another one. Working out regularly can not only help you release all that stress in the right place but can also enhance your libido, boosting your performance in the bedroom. 

Exercising boosts your self-confidence, helping you feel sexy in the bedroom and thus removes all that negative anxiety from within you. While working out, your brain produces these endorphins that stimulate the release of estrogens and testosterone in your body. 

Meditation and Deep Breathing

Meditation is a simple way to have a stress-free and happy life. Not only does it calm your mind, but studies also show that people who meditate have a good sex life as well. Regular meditation increases libido and helps an individual with better sexual functioning.  

In other news, something as simple as deep breathing can help you attain an amazing orgasm. Deep breathing releases tension and stress, as it calms your down.[3] This simple exercise can be a huge energy booster when included in your daily routine.

Practices like meditation and deep breathing, directly or indirectly, improve the general functioning of your body.[4] BE it your heart health, mental health, or better blood circulation, making these small practices your daily habits do only good and no harm, so why not? They improve every aspect of your life from a better demeanor to good sexual health.

Herbal Help

Natural aphrodisiacs can be a lifesaver when it comes to attaining a high libido while staying in your calm-zone. There’s an abundance of herbs available for the same. Not only sexual benefits, but herbal aphrodisiacs take care of other aspects of your health too; heart health, blood circulation et cetera.

Some science-backed naturally aphrodisiacs can be Red Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris et cetera. Other easily available natural aphrodisiacs include the maca root, saffron, and celery. You can also buy natural supplements available in the market, such as Spanish Fly, to enhance your sexual stimulation.

Although these are herbal and safe to use, one must always consider seeking their doctor’s approval in doing the same.

Communication & Intimacy in Relationships

Lastly, you can make as many changes in your personal routines, the lost spark in your relationship with your other half will only come back when you build a healthy relationship. Many people might blame being with someone for a long time or a busy life, for this drift to happen. But if you’re actually willing to improve the relationship you must work on two things– communication and intimacy.

Communication can save literally any relationship.[5] Therefore, partners must pour their hearts out in front of each other, talk about things, and share problems with each other. This creates a kind of intimacy between them that doesn’t let the relationship fall apart.

Secondly, partners must be physically intimate once in a while regularly. It is imperative for a healthy relationship, to save the relationship from getting lull. Having an active sex life also saves you from unnecessary stress from the outer world and a happy relationship makes life happier. So, go on dates, hang out with each other, and share your agony.


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