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Beauty – Benefits of CBD Oil on the Skin

CBD is a hemp derivative that can be legally consumed in Europe. In Ireland and other EU states, the law states that CBD products not exceeding a 0.2% concentration are allowed to be utilised. CBD products, therefore, can be used safely as well as provide many other health benefits.

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Body care

Unlike THC, the active ingredient in the hemp plant, CBD does not cause a psychological effect on its user.

Instead, when used topically for beauty and cosmetics, it can provide a safe and effective treatment for beauty routines ranging from acne to skin irritation and dryness. Safe to use and without any risk, the benefits of CBD can be enjoyed in a daily skin routine.

From hemp to CBD

Hemp has a long history and has been enjoyed by humans as early as 4000 BC in China.

It has been shown to restore homeostasis in the body, dependent on its ingestion method, aiding in the relief of pain, in the reduction of inflammation, helping with conditions such as insomnia and even assisting in the control of such disorders as anxiety. In Ireland and the UK, CBD products that do not surpass 0.2% of THC content have been approved for consumption.

The benefits offered by cannabidiol

CBD-based skin products and creams can be used in conjunction with other commonly used ingredients, such as coconut oil and shea butter. This combination has been shown to intensify natural relief and help prevent and treat skin prone to acne and dryness. In addition, CBD-based products have been shown to keep skin looking and feeling young, fresh and hydrated, especially in preventing damage and irritation caused by environmental and atmospheric agents.

Skin benefits

The skin of those who use products with CBD is destined to remain healthy and beautiful due to the numerous advantages of this active ingredient. The anti-inflammatory properties of the substance can be combined with those of other components. For instance, colloidal oatmeal, present in numerous formulations for its ability to generate a protective layer on the skin capable of trapping moisture, can ensure that the surface can be protected from external agents. In case you opt for ointments with ingredients that have intensive moisturising properties, they also stimulate the healing mechanisms that are put in place by the skin that has been damaged and promote the natural defences. Finally, CBD-based creams can be integrated with botanical extracts that have a soothing effect on the skin, useful in case of irritation, scaling and redness: all consequences of psoriasis, acne and other similar inflammatory disorders.

Cannabidiol-based emollient products

CBD-based emollient products are now available on the market. In addition, ingredients such as omega 3 and fatty acids, which are present in hemp seed oil, can aid in the maintenance of healthy skin. Skin suffering dryness or irritation caused by diet or atmospheric factors can thus be treated using CBD-based products.

CBD oil cosmetics and products based on cannabidiol

On the market, you can also find emollient balms. The inclusion of fatty acids and omega 3 originating from everyday skin care products such as coconut oil and shea butter aid in the effectiveness of CBD-based skin products and their benefit on healthy looking and feeling skin.

Natural remedies such as these aid in the skin’s ability to retain moisture, specifically sensitive skin suffering from inflammation and irritation. It will help to soothe and soften skin prone to dryness and sensitivity with its intensely nourishing properties and high levels of rich fatty acids. It also aids in soothing and softening skin and other skin conditions prone to dryness.

CBD oil is good for the skin

Conditions such as acne can be caused by toxins ingested through diet and those directly absorbed by the skin through pollution and other irritants. In addition, acne is caused because of excess production of sebum. Such skin conditions are not only present in youth; they can be caused by hormonal imbalance or as a result of unhealthy diet and exposure in later adolescence and adulthood. Therefore CBD based products can be enjoyed and divulged by anyone.

Other conditions, such as eczema, are caused by skin cells growing and separating rapidly. In the case of psoriasis, skin cells grow quickly and then divide. Acne is due to excess sebum production. These are two of many skin problems that can be helped and solved with CBD oil and its application on the skin. CBD aids in repressing cell growth and allowing the skin to heal efficiently. Thus, CBD-based products can expedite the restoration of healthy skin and diminish such conditions as dryness and irritation.

All of this is legal and you can be sure because of what European law says: “CBD is not a narcotic!”

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