3 Things You Should Know About Belt Sanders

Belt sanders are must-have tools in your arsenal of tools.

You will need this tool for polishing, shaping and smoothening wood and other surfaces. These tools come in a range of sizes and designs.

The different designs and sizes vary their abilities and the type of work surfaces that they can operate. Before you decide to get one of these, it is important that you have in mind the type of surfaces you want to work on and the tasks you want your machine to accomplish.

The best belt sander is one you can comfortably smoothen rough surfaces with, has adequate power and does not accumulate dust easily on the sanding belt.

1. Various Uses

While the primary function of belt sanders is polishing and smoothening rough surfaces, you can use these machines for various other uses.

For instance, you can use sanders for trimming and cutting. This is done to remove extra pieces of wood to get the right shape and size. You can also use the sander for shaping and rounding pieces of wood and other materials.

This function is especially important if you want to create designs or joints to fit in together. Last but certainly not least, you can use this machine for sharpening other tools.

Instead of wasting time and energy using a file, you can simply take advantage of your sander and get those blunt tools sharp with ease.

2. Keep the Sander Moving Consistently

You should be very careful when using belt sanders.

If you are to work on just a small surface, then opt to use sandpaper rather than a sander. A sander requires a professional or skilled individual since it is a very delicate tool. It can easily ruin your materials if you are not extra careful.

One of the measures you should take is to ensure that the machine moves consistently when you are smoothening those surfaces.

Never rest it on your project when you are not using it as it will ruin your project. Always ensure that you unplug it and switch off the power button when the machine is not in use. be careful also when removing the dust accumulated.

Ensure the power button is off when doing so.

3. Power

Belt sanders are designed to produce different amounts of power.

There are those that have very powerful motors used mainly on very rough surfaces and broad areas. These machines are ideal for such areas to make your work easier and faster.

The smaller sanders that produce a smaller amount of power are ideal for small surfaces and relatively smoother surfaces. It is important that your machine has sufficient power for the kind of job you are putting to do to help keep clean and tidy surfaces.

Whenever you are using this machine, it is particularly important that you take safety measures seriously.

Ensure that you have eye protection, hearing protection, and dust masks as some of these machines especially those that work on rough surfaces can produce dust chips that can be harmful.

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