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Benefits of Coffee & Reasons to Drink a Drink Daily

As soon as coffee began to be imported to Europe from the Arab states, there were disputes about whether this drink is good for health. They do not subside to this day. Nowadays, coffee has become a daily drink for many people, the use of which allows them to feel cheerful throughout the day. This exciting, tonic drink is drunk by people of all ages. Some of them limit themselves to one cup at breakfast, others drink coffee several times a day. For some people, the use of this drink has become a real addiction. It should not be abused, especially for those people who have diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, insomnia, coronary heart disease, gastritis, etc.

What kind of coffee is good to drink? Which coffee is healthier – ground or instant? The answers to these questions are of interest to many. Let’s try to understand this situation and answer the above questions.

A few words about the history of coffee

The first documented study of this issue was the “coffee experiment”, which was carried out in the seventeenth century by the Swedish king Gustav III. Confident in the dangers of this product, he decided to prove his case with the help of a scientific experiment. The two twins sentenced to death had their sentences commuted to life imprisonment. In return, they had to drink three cups a lifetime, one twin of tea and the other of coffee. Gustav failed to prove that coffee is harmful. The twin who drank tea was the first to die, and at a deeply respectable age – at 83 years old. The brother, who constantly drank coffee, was able to survive it. The king himself died much earlier, without waiting for the end of the experiment.

Instant coffee powder was first released in 1934. The technologies for its preparation have improved significantly since then, however, even today the most useful and tasty is considered to be a natural product made from ground grains. The content of coffee in it is one hundred percent. In a soluble product, this indicator is only fifteen percent, and everything else is additives. The chemical stabilizers and preservatives contained in a freeze-dried or powdered drink can cause gastritis and other stomach diseases. The use of a natural, grain drink does not have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Which coffee is healthier?

To date, it has not been possible to prove scientifically which coffee is the most delicious and healthy. Modern researchers have also failed to obtain unambiguous results. It can only be categorically stated that drinking coffee is completely contraindicated for hypertensive patients. People with low blood pressure, after drinking this drink, feel much more cheerful, so coffee is good for them.

If it is quite difficult to say unequivocally which coffee is healthier, then it is possible to argue that one or two cups of this drink a day do not have a negative effect on a healthy person. However, it should be borne in mind that this statement is true in relation to natural coffee, which is prepared from coffee beans in a coffee machine or in a Turk. With solubles, the situation is different.

The benefits of instant coffee are certainly much less than natural coffee. If it is rather difficult to answer exactly which ground coffee is good for health and which is not, then the advantage of a natural drink over instant is obvious and does not require proof. During the preparation of instant coffee granules or powder, the beneficial substances present in coffee beans are lost. Moreover, it contains unhealthy flavors and flavors used to bring the taste of an instant drink closer to natural.

At home, you can prepare the following types of coffee:

  1. Coffee with milk. You do not know which coffee is healthier – with or without milk? Of course, with milk. Milk contains many proteins that the human body cannot produce on its own. It is important that these proteins enter the body regularly, so the systematic use of coffee with milk is very useful. The advantage of a drink with milk in comparison with black is a more pleasant taste, in which there is no natural bitterness of coffee. Besides, you can add keto coffee creamer;
  2. Coffee with lemon is also quite popular. Citric acid in it acts as a neutralizer of caffeine, which negatively affects the heart and blood vessels. Such a drink can be consumed by people who are forbidden to drink black coffee due to health reasons;
  3. Coffee with cognac. Want to know which coffee is good for the health of people with low blood pressure? Of course, with cognac. But hypertensive patients should not use it. If a person with high blood pressure drinks such a drink, it will not end in anything good.

To determine which coffee is the most useful, everyone should do it for themselves, based on the state of their own health and the characteristics of their body. Each of the drinks has its own properties, on which it depends whether it brings benefit or harm. If a person has no contraindications to use yu coffee and does not drink this drink at night, a couple of cups of this drink a day will not do him any harm. When preparing it for yourself, it is advisable to observe the following rules:

  1. The highest quality and safest for health are coffee varieties obtained from beans that grow near the equator and at high altitudes. Products from Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya are preferred;
  2. It is desirable to prepare a drink from freshly ground grains;
  3. The most useful coffee is the finest grinding, which has the most intense aroma and delicate taste.
Jeff Campbell