The Mental Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

Many of us have thought about taking a day off to unwind and focus on our mental health, a thing that makes perfect sense if you think about all the day-to-day challenges, especially these days. So what could help you de-stress and focus on yourself, forget about your problems for a while, and feel brand new and free?

Riding a motorcycle is one thing that can help you. You’ll easily find a comprehensive guide on how to choose one online so you can be sure that you invest money in a model that fits your needs and, not to mention, your budget, as this is basically the thing that stops many of us from owning one.

Less stressful than driving

While driving can also have mental health benefits, that action is actually rather stressful, especially if you live in a big city.

The traffic and the multitasking required to drive a car are stress-inducing factors, on top of which we add various other tasks that may happen while you are in a car, such as answering the phone, even if it’s not recommended you do so.

Riding a motorcycle is less stressful as, even if you still have rules to follow, there is usually a special place on which motorcycle and bicycle riders can go without having to deal with all the cars that are on the road. Doing other activities than focusing on the road is also rather impossible while riding, so you have the chance of thinking and meditating.

Works out your brain

Making your brain work and challenging it is also good and you can do that when you ride a motorcycle.

In this case, you know that losing your balance can cost you your life, and while that may be stressful at first, once you get the hang of it and wear the necessary protective gear, you will make your brain focus on riding as well as possible, thus stimulating it.

You are in the outdoors

When you are in a car, that says it all: you are in a car.

Even if you see the scenery and you open the window, you are still inside of a machine. That’s completely different from a motorcycle, as even if you wear a helmet, you get the feeling that you are actually outside, which, as we all know, has immense health benefits.

It’s a well-known factor that even hospital patients who see nature from the window of their hospital or who have the chance of going outside tend to feel better than those who don’t have any contact with nature as nature has a healing benefit on the human body that probably nothing else can match it.

The sense of freedom

Both driving and riding can give you a sense of freedom.

Knowing that anytime you can just leave in your car or on your motorcycle gives you a different feeling, one of empowerment, which is quite different from when you have to wait for a taxi, bus, or another way of transport that doesn’t depend on you.

But nothing can beat the freedom that you feel when you get on your motorcycle. You can get out of the city faster and easier and then explore nature and your freedom and sense of wilderness much better as you can go to areas in which a car can’t get in or isn’t allowed to get in.

By taking into consideration all of these benefits, it’s not hard to see why riding a motorcycle has beneficial effects on your mental health.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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