7 Best Games to Play If You Like Spider-Man

“A nagy hatalommal nagy felelősség is jár.” Stan Lee

Spider-Man PS4, one of the greatest open-world superhero titles of all time, was a major hit with fans of the web-slinging universe and gamers of all kinds. Once in, players can explore New York as Spider-Man in the flesh! Despite the Sony and Disney dispute over movie rights, people have plunged into the Spider-Man universe with Insomniac Games’ Playstation 4 release. Were you one of those people to enjoy playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and are you thirsting for more? Then Peter Deli suggests these games are worth your time. Here you can view his account and learn more!

Batman: The Arkham Series

Over time, the Arkham series expanded to cover other superheroes but exploring Gotham as Batman sets all the right benchmarks. With breathtakingly detailed graphics, a fantastic storyline, and incredible action sequences, it is considered the greatest superhero game of all time. 

Batman’s foes have their share of the spotlight, just waiting to be taken down by the detective Gotham doesn’t deserve but needs. The main focus, however, is finding the Arkham knight and finding out why he is helping the scarecrow destroy the city. The game offers tremendous freedom and gives you a peek into Gotham’s alleyways, an absolute must-play if you enjoyed Spider-Man.

Online Keno

Online Keno, often played at modern casinos, is now available at https://kaszinok.online/! Keno games are played with players setting a wager by choosing numbers between 1-80 and 20; numbers are drawn at random, either by using a lottery ball machine or with a random number generator, which will decide the winner. Online Keno in Hungary is one of the top-grossing games and is a serious rival to the more themed Spider-Man. 

Horizon: Zero Dawn

This game’s priorities are more suited towards exploration and survival. It features giant open worlds that can be navigated however the player wants. These are worlds dominated by deadly machines that need to be taken back by the player, a renegade hunter who is desperate to regain her memories and build a peaceful future for herself. The game offers an open map, upgradable gear, and fast-paced combat, much like the Spider-Man Universe. 

God Of War

This absolute gem of a franchise is bound to be a hit with the Spider-Man fans. The reason it works is due to its fast-paced narrative, constant combat, all the while showering players with amazing gameplay and stunning graphics. The new God Of War is led by Kratos and his son, Atreus, as they travel through the nine realms on a mission of grief. The game consistently rewards the player’s curiosity and creates comparable experiences with Miles Morales. 

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

Video games have always tried to explore middle earth, but only two games have succeeded. Shadow of war and its predecessor Shadow of Mordor contain open-world action elements with a hint of RPG mechanics. This game is a perfect change of pace for someone looking for more violence and personalized theatrics than Spider-Man.

The game needs the player to raise an army and forge a brand new Ring of Power to take on Sauron, who is already on the verge of overtaking the land for his dark purposes. 


However old the GTA games may be, it is one of the few games that is considered evergreen. It is one of the largest franchises for an open-world action game. GTA 5 specifically is the best of the bunch, breaking sales records upon its release in 2013. The players get to control the lives of three criminals and wreak havoc upon the city. There is always so much to do, and the mission’s actual narrative keeps the game going with low chances of being bored. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game is as deep and dense as the other two games in the series regarding RPG mechanics. The open-world environment is overwhelmingly large and has proven to be intimidating. It is yet another case of The Elder’s Scrolls where Geralt is just running errands for people in exchange for Ciri’s whereabouts. It feels like a wild goose chase, but the graphics and details are worth the hours put into the game. 


Irrespective of which game you pick up, a healthy dose of world exploration and RPG elements is a guarantee. These games are unique in their own ways and will provide an unparalleled experience to anyone who spends time exploring the hard work of many game designers and developers. 


Jeff Campbell