What is the best iPhone parental control app?

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We are all aware of how restricted iOS can be, only applications which are allowed for iOS can be downloaded and used on your iOS device. This is a great way to ensure that iOS-enabled devices are protected from applications which are not well situated for your device and also offers users protection from harmful applications.

The downside to owning an iOS-enabled device is you can’t use any application which catches your fancy. You might be able to download the application, but you would not be able to use it.

Despite this, the iOS-enabled devices are a very popular brand amongst people.

Kids are not left out. They have their iPad and iPhones always in hand in addition to these devices been connected to the internet. They use it as a means by which they communicate with friends and family, keep up to date with happenings around them and keep them entertained with music and interesting videos.

Due to the extensive usage of phones by kids, there is a need for parental control features to be enabled on their devices. These parental control features come in the form of an app compatible for iPhone and allow them to see all activity on their child’s phone number.

The need for parental control apps is even more necessary presently.

Cyberbullying, the dangers, the effects of it can be seen in society today. There is the need to make sure your child is safe not just from inappropriate content like violence, pornography, hate speech, which is shared online but also to protect them from bullies who hide behind the anonymity of the internet and use it to target a person towards causing harm.

This makes the need for parental control apps a crucial part of what parents have on their kid’s devices to keep them safe.

There are a number of parental control apps that are compatible with the iPhone.

The best parental control app for iPhone 2019 will depend on the apps ability to cover a wider range of monitoring features which would offer greater protection to children while they are online and would go further in easing the worries of parents when they are not there to physically monitor what their kid is doing.

There are a number of parental control apps that you can choose from. All the apps are a great choice and would save as adequate protection for your kids while online.

We will begin with OurPact.

This is a great parental control app that is easy to install and use. It is available for use on iPhone and iPad which parents can use to track their children’s digital journey.

OurPact would enable blocking of texts, restrict the usage of apps for a stated time, enables GPS location which can be used to track your kid’s location, the ability to track multiple devices from your dashboard.

The next on our list will be NetNanny iPad parental control.

This app offers the capacity to restrict what your children watch online with their devices.

The great thing about NetNanny is you can set limits, there is capacity for filtering content, you can set up different profiles for monitoring, it has an interface which is user-friendly and further helps cut off inappropriate words from websites. It is good to note that NetNanny does not have a GPS monitoring feature.

Another great parental control app is Appmia iPhone parental control app.

The installation of this app is easy, and its beauty lies in the capacity to track every single activity which your kids engage in online. Appmia gives you the ability for remote monitoring, track GPS location and location history, restrict social networks and blocks websites, track SMS messages and calls, you can also spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook.

mSpy parental control is next in line on our list. It offers tracking of social media apps, tracking of calls and SMS messages of your child, GPS location tracking of your child’s phone, offers the location history of your child’s iPad or iPhone.

Mobicip is also a good parental control app which will give you the capability to block websites, track and also monitor your child’s browsing history, setting of time limits on your child’s iPad or iPhone to limit usage, website filtering, blockage of website which offers inappropriate content, ability to monitor several devices at the same time.

Another favorite is FamiSafe.

This parental control app has such a wide range of features that makes it popular.

FamiSafe is compatible with iOS devices, you can detect YouTube content and suspicious activity, GPS location tracking is available, geofencing to be alerted if your child moves into the marked areas is available, website filter, blockage of harmful apps. You can get this parental control app for a certain fee monthly.

The fee covers the monitoring of over 15 devices. There is also the option of using a free trial for a few days to see if the app is the best fit for your needs.

There are other parental control apps that offer monitoring features that you can use for your iPhone and iPad devices.

Some of these other apps are Netsanity, Mobistealth, Qustodio iOS parental control. It is good to know at this point that some of these parental control apps might require jailbreaking for them to be installed on your iOS device such as your iPhone or iPad.

The protection of your kids, while they are online in these times, is crucial.

There is a war on terrorism going on and one way by which these individuals disseminate their hate speech is through the use of the internet.

Kids need to be protected from such information until they get of age to understand. One of the greatest dangers to them, however, is cyberbullying and all kids must be protected at all costs from this.

All of the above listed parental control apps are a great choice for you to use as they offer a wide variety of monitoring options for your kid’s iPhone or iPad device.

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