5 Best Mods on Minecraft

Minecraft contributes to being a popular open-world game by which it is possible to create blocks. By playing this game, you can explore the virtual world and enjoy a great adventure. A wide array of players loves the game. You can avail the regular updates for this game to enjoy playing it regularly. However, updates are not sufficient and you can find more excitement as you opt for these updates. The mods are considered to be the blessings of Minecraft download.

They are free modifications which are created by the community of the video games which play a vital role in changing the course of games in different ways. With few mods, it is possible to add maps, weapons and new enemies to the game whereas few of them help in fixing certain issues like performance issues and bugs. Here is a list of five best modes on Minecraft:

Instant Lake

Whether you are looking for a few decorative lakes or the map of your Minecraft game is filled with Creeper holes, Instant Lake is considered to be the best mod for you. As this mod is active, you can build two unique blocks, where one is for water whereas the other one is for lava.

As you place any one of these in the cavern or hole, it will be fulfilling the cavity with the right substance, you want. This mode is inclusive of the magic bucket which plays a vital role by reducing the lake level by the set of intervals.

You can get the level of lava or water or clean the same easily, catering to your needs. However, you need to keep in mind that it is an instant lake, no an ocean. In case space, that wants to fill is very big, this mode is going to ignore it.

Mo’ Creatures

As the developers decided to add horses to Minecraft, they opt for Mo’ Creatures. In addition to horses, it offers birds, manta rays, snakes, dragon files, bears, elephants, werewolves, turtles and dragons.

As this mode is filled, it will fill the block world with a wide array of animals which confer a more lively feeling. It also stands out of the ordinary in adding extensive depth to the already existing game. You can bag a pet dragon for your game with the aid of this Mod.


The Booze Minecraft offers stimulation. It is inclusive of different devices and plants which are required to craft whiskey, wine. It plays a vital role in removing the negative impact of overindulging.

The barrels, wine, yeast, hops and different tools of distillation help in brewing the devil into the game. If you get access to different necessary materials, the distillation process of the mod helps in mimicking the entire real-life procedure. As you opt for this mod, you will find that it provides remarkable attention to every detail.


If you are a beginner and planning to install Mods for your Minecraft game, it is recommended to install Optifine. It is considered to be an ideal mod for computers, with the high-end specs. With this mod, it is possible to add a few of the most amazing visuals for the game, thereby making it look gorgeous.

You are going to have the out of the ordinary High Definition textures as you opt for this mod. It also lets you gain control over those specific graphical features of Minecraft. As you install this mod, you will find that the game play is going to be smoother. With the aid of this mode, you can enjoy lag-free game play and the best visuals like never before.


It is another popular mod for Minecraft by which you can add dungeons to the game. You are going to have immense fun while playing the game with the aid of this mod as it helps in adding beautiful plants. The flowers that are added to the game with the installation of this mod are going to enhance the excitement of the game.

Such flowers are known to have unique functions and can help you a lot. While playing the game, the flowers fed them to the animals. If you want to fill your game with the goodness of flowers, it is the most ideal mod for your game.

You can get the most out of your Minecraft as you opt from these mods. You can install these mods on the devices and enjoy optimum pleasure. You can indulge in different unique activities in the game with the aid of these mods.

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