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Top 5 Best Online Games to Play Immediately

Most modern laptops and mobiles enable you to play games instantly, as long as you have a good internet connection. There is no need to invest in PC games as online games require fewer resources, whether it is subscription money or resources on your computer or mobile device.

Indeed, many are free and available on web browsers, enabling you to play them instantly as they load.

Online games also include casino games since these are also instant play these days. There is little investment of time and resources needed. With secure casino sites such as $5 minimum deposit casino Canada, you can log in securely on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the games instantly on your mobile browser. There is no need for apps as well.

Games online are best for taking a break from work or when you wish to embark on a virtual vacation.

Depending on your taste or preference, you can find games of different genres. For instance, trending games based on puzzles are Samorost. On the other hand, Robot Unicorn Attack has a fun, ridiculous theme. MMO sprawling theme is what makes Runescape special.

Here are some trending online games that you can try your hands at this year. They are easy to try simply by opening a web browser and visiting the official website of the game. Most online games are free for playing as well.

  • Game of Bombs. Bomberman was originally a PlayStation title. It soon became popular as a crafted, addictive multiplayer game to try. Game of Bombs emulates the same theme and gaming experience. All you need to do is log onto the website. Here you will find players participating in the game across the globe. It surely is a delight for all who enjoy multiplayer experiences.
  • AdventureQuest. This is a single-player game of the RPG category. It is worth trying, being a 20-year-old game where you can fight monsters. One limitation is that you need to have Adobe Flash working on the browser. The game involves choosing good or evil through actions in the game. As you defeat monsters, you gain points, gold, and Z tokens. You also get to acquire special items known as Mastercrafts. With more skill points, you get to fight monsters at higher levels. 
  • It is a strategy game. You play against others, and you need to survive as well. You grow and boost your line by getting close to others and generating electricity. You can cross other lines, corner them and eat neon bits. All actions need to be nimble. It is an engaging game, especially since it takes quite a while to get top positions on the leaderboard.
  • This game works on HTML5 technology. As the name indicates, it is all about a reptilian-like boy who grows longer as he eats away dots. It is similar to Pac Man in this context. The goal is to eat away as many dots as possible so that you end up with top leaderboard points. Challenge is to avoid other snakes because if you touch one, then the game is over. The score is as per the length of the snake. The longest one has been 20,000 points to date. If your snake reaches one among the top 10 positions, then it features prominently on the leaderboard. Other features in the game include skin outfits for the snakes. You get to outfit your snake with different styles and colours. There is not much to click on, but simple enough for you to try any time, simply by visiting the website. 
  • Samorost. This game needs no introduction among avid video gamers. It is one of the successful titles of Amanita Design, a reputed Czech game developer. It is a puzzler series with funny, elaborate, and quirky point-and-click actions. It is a space-age series, and you can try it online as well. Initial titles were released on Steam. Today you can try the early versions, such as the one released in 2003, for free. You could also try Chapter One online, Samorost 2. If you like this title, you will surely like Botanicula, Shy Dwarf, and Machinarium, all by the same developer. 

Other Online Games to Try

Of course, the list is a long one, and you can try games of varied genres as well.

For instance, Polycraft is a tower defense strategy game. It is easy to try since it works on any browser that supports HTML5. Superhot is another popular steam-based game that is available online. Indeed, it gives players devoid of consoles a taste of the kind of action such games include.

The software of these games is well adapted to bring fun to the browser platform.


Jeff Campbell