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Best PEMF Portable Devices for Travel

With the lifting of limitations and the altering of travel regulations, we anticipate that many of you will be embarking on your journeys very soon! Some of you who use PEMF treatment frequently may not want to be without your PEMF device while on vacation and may be seeking a portable device that you can use while on the road. Several excellent localized PEMF treatment devices on the market are ideal travel companions for those who travel often.

It is one of the highest intensity localized Portable PEMF devices, known as the Flex Pulse. This gadget contains ten pre-loaded applications, making it multipurpose. In addition to being multifunctional, this device is battery-powered and portable, making it an excellent choice for travel. Two applicators are included with the device, which is simple to apply to any portion of your body where you desire to administer the therapy. Additionally, the gadget’s small size makes it convenient to use while on the go.

PEMF Portable Devices for Travel

The Oska Pulse is another item that you may find helpful on your travels. The Oska Pulse is a small, lightweight, and portable gadget that You may wear in anybody region without causing discomfort. With this pocket-sized gadget, you can carry PEMF treatment with you with the push of a button. When worn on the body, You may wear this device under or over any clothes. It comes with a compression wrap, making it simple to use on the body.

The gadget requires roughly 3 hours to charge completely and has a battery life of approximately 20 hours. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, you may place this gadget beneath your pillow to help you sleep. We can tell when we are sleeping on a separate bed because we are awake. If you have traveled a long distance and are now in a different time zone, it is essential to note that Portable PEMF devices pretty beneficial in reducing jet lag.

PEMF Complete Mini Traveler is a portable electromagnetic field generator.

We have created the world’s smallest and lightest PEMF gadget. It measures 12.5 inches in width, 10.25 inches in depth, and 6 inches in height, and it weighs 6.4 pounds. The voltage varies from 120 to 230 VAC, ranging from 50 Hz to 60 Hz, depending on the model. Depending on your needs, we offer a handful of alternative coil choices for the Mini Traveler.

 The first option includes a JCB loop, a small koppie (double loop), a hoof paddle with a hoof box, and an Ava mat or big crappie. The second option includes an Ava mat and large crappie. The second version is offered with Portable PEMF devices and is a little happier, whereas the first option includes both.

PEMF Complete Elite Tote Bag – Black

Even though this system is more significant than the Mini, it is still packaged in a handy easy-to-transport box. The Pro Elite Tote is 16.75 inches wide by 13.25 inches deep by 6.75 inches high. It is made of polyester. The total weight of this PEMF device is 14.2 lbs. The voltage varies from 120 to 230 VAC, ranging from 50 Hz to 60 Hz, depending on the model. It comes with three alternative coils to customize your bag, including a JCB loop, tiny crappie, and a hoof paddle.

Machine with two motors

This is the newest PEMF gadget that we have available. This bag is identical to the Mini Traveler in size and weight (measured as 12.5 inches by 10.25 inches by 6 inches), but it weighs slightly more. The Dual Machine is 8.5 pounds in weight and comes with a JCB loop, a little happier, and a paddle, among other accessories.

 The Mini Traveler and the Pro Elite Tote are similar in that the voltage ranges from 12- to 230 VAC, and the frequency ranges from 50- to 60 Hz are used. Many coils are available to pick from to complement your PEMF system and your unique requirements. Please take a look at all of the PEMF machines and coils available.

 Although the size and weight of a PEMF machine are critical considerations, they are not the only considerations when selecting a PEMF system. Contact PEMF Complete if you would like to learn more about pulsed electromagnetic field treatment or if you are interested in purchasing or leasing a PEMF system.




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