5 Best Shoes for High Impact Cardio


Busy athletes need more than a casual stylish sneaker. You need technology, strength, comfort, and support. Check out our list of the best kicks for high impact cardio. Whether you hike mountains, run marathons, or sweat it out in the gym, you will love this incredible footwear you can find from Nike in Australia and other great brands!

This elite list of incredible sneakers provides the best durability and support for the fitness-minded woman. They will give you the power you need on the court or the trail as well as the explosiveness you need in the gym during a high-intensity workout. Even if you moderately exercise or standing and walking on the concrete floor, these versatile shoes will provide you with the necessary comfort and protection you need for a tough workout without the pain and stress on your foot.

  1. The Nike Joyride Flynit Running Shoe

The Nike Joyride combines new exciting cushioning sneaker tech with Flynit materials. Enjoy comfortable support for your feet when you need it the most. The materials adjust to your natural gait, making it perfect for running and other high impact cardio. Enjoy an extra bounce in these incredible shoes for exercise.

Nike designed these shoes to make running feel easier. The tiny foam bead technology conforms to your foot as you exercise. These shoes can handle any sort of exercise: running, jumping, Burpees, jumping off plyo boxes, etc. This unique design stands up to any workout. Protect your feet. Run like the wind.

  1. The Nike Metcon 5 Sneakers

Honestly, no one can top Nike when it comes to the best shoes for high impact cardio and exercise. The Nike Metcon 5 shoe provides flexibility and stability needed for any type of cross-training.

This shoe provides ample movement for running and also has the durability and mobility you need when lifting heavy in the gym. They are versatile. Enjoy a sleek design and an incomparable fit for you.

The Nike Metcon 5 series comes in an impressive number of styles and colors. Nike designed these shoes for speed and durability no matter the high impact training. Use them for running or heavy weight lifting. They are meant to protect your foot and last.

  1. The Nike X Undercover Gyakusou Zoom

If you want to wow everyone on the courts while also being the most stylish one on the block, look no further than the Nike X Undercover Gyakusou Zoom. With a sleep modern red design, this collaboration with the Tokyo-based running club Gyakusou will provide you with the advanced sneaker technology that you need for high performance and power.

  1. Veja Condor

For a simple set of trainers that will provide you with the power as well as upholding ethical practices that are good for Mother Earth, check out the Veja Condor. The sneakers have linings made of recycled bottles and the body is comprised of organic cotton. Be sure to feel good about both your body and the earth with these trendy shoes.

  1. Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2

With a modern aqua and gray design that has a futuristic bent, the Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2 has a futuristic look that matches its superior technology. The shoes keep you secure and stable during running. Feel confident in this incredible footwear.

Look no further than these incredible athletic shoes for your high impact cardio needs. Enjoy extreme explosive performance, unmatched support and comfort, and incomparable style. Find these kicks at your favorite online retailer in time for the holiday season.

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