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Top 5 Best Shopping assistants

Shopping apps can help you to save time when you are doing your shopping.

It gives you a glance at the different deals from various sellers. Scrolling through the list, you will be able to quickly find the best bargain and complete your shopping. The following are the top 5 best shopping assistants.

1. eBay

eBay app is one of the best shopping apps designed for people who already know what they want to buy. You can buy a lot of stuff at a cheap price through the eBay app.

In the app, you will find a categories menu where you can find products from various categories. You can choose to view all products from the category by clicking on the thumbnail. In your account, you can save the products you like for future reference. Click on the deals tag on top and you will see a list of items on special deals.

On the deals page, you will be able to see the discount percentage on the item and how long the deal will last. Under Trending on eBay, you can see items that are trending and selling well on eBay.

Customers can stay safe on eBay as the platform offers PayPal protections for the buyers.

2. Zulily

Zulily app is created for the Zulily online shopping site.

Zulily offers a new range of products that last for 72 hours, unlike other stores which feature a fixed range of products on the shelves. Like the department store, you can find a full range of products in the Zulily store from family to electronics. Every day, they have new sales that are centered on a specific theme or brand.

You can opt to receive brand notifications.

Zulily waits until the sale ends to make a bulk order when someone buys an item. The bulk order will be shipped to the warehouse before Zulily packages your item and ships it to you. It takes about 8 – 10 days for the merchandise to arrive at the warehouse.

After that, it takes additional time for Zulily to prepare your parcel and ship it to you. There is a flat shipping fee but the shipping can be free if you purchase 9 items.

Your order can be consolidated into a single order if you go back to the Zulily store to buy something else after having placed an order earlier in the day. With Zulily app, you can expect to save up to 65% on an item in the deal. Zulily has a price matching feature for all its items.

If you found the item somewhere cheaper, you can submit the price match request.

3. Aliexpress

Aliexpress app is a secure shopping application with millions of users around the world.

The app can be downloaded from the Aliexpress blog. When you search for an item, you will be able to see the important elements such as seller reputation, number of sales, and customer reviews. This can help you to determine whether the seller is reliable. You can contact the seller if you are in doubt of whether he is legit

In your account, you can set up notifications of purchases, discounts, and promotions.

As soon as your order is sent, you will receive a notification on your Aliexpress account. The setting button is the cogwheel on the top right. You can choose which notification you want to be sent on SMS to your phone and which notification you want to be sent to your email inbox.

In the Aliexpress app, you can perform a search by image. You can snap a photo of any item you want to purchase, for example, a painting, and upload it on the app. You can also perform a search with keywords just like what you do normally.

You can also search by filters such as color, free shipping, and size.

You can follow other Aliexpress buyers. The Wall section allows you to read reviews from other buyers who buy directly on Aliexpress or other stores that are affiliated with Aliexpress. You can earn points, and coupons through your shopping in the store. You can earn discounts when you invite your friends to use the Aliexpress app to do their shopping.

4. Wish

Wish is a real company that is based in San Francisco.

The companies that sell products on the platform are also real. Wish allows you to make payment with credit cards. All items that are ordered will arrive eventually at the recipients’ address.

The downside of Wish is that most of the merchants are based in China so there is a high chance that many of the items they sell are replicas. You won’t find many brands that are in the US on the platform.

Low cost means there is lesser quality control.

Some people don’t mind low quality as long as the item can be used. If this is you, you will find the items on Wish to be of great value. Many of the electronics on sale are of low quality. For example, speakers don’t have good audio quality and earbuds are not comfortable to wear due to poor quality material. USB cables purchased on Wish may be short and have lesser lifespan compared to trusted brands.

Wish is the best shopping platform if you want to buy cheap items. For expensive items, you will want to reconsider carefully as the seller may not promptly offer customer support.

You don’t deal with a middleman or a physical store when you shop with a wish. So, it is likely that you are buying from a manufacturer in China. China Post has an agreement with the US Post to charge a low flat cost for shipment on parcels that weigh less than 4.4 pounds. This is why you only pay a small fee for the shipping when you buy from China.

But, if you were to ship items from the US to China, the shipment cost will be more expensive.

5. Target Cartwheel

The Target app offers a saving feature called Cartwheel that allows you to save 5% – 50% on various categories from groceries to health products. The app can be downloaded from Cartwheel or Target websites.

You’ll need to register an account with Target if you don’t yet have an account. In your account, you can add the REDCard to enjoy savings. It will ask for a PIN when you enter the REDCard debit/credit card. REDCard offers a 5% daily discount on most of the items in Target when you shop through the app.

If you have other gift cards, you can also add to your account. You can add up to 50 offers to your Target account.

Items that have Cartwheel savings will have signs posted on them in the Target store. Every week, Target has a few hundred Cartwheel offers with a discount of up to 50%.

You can easily find items with Cartwheel savings by performing a search on the categories. The offers can be filtered based on several criteria including discount, newest, and expiry date.

Whenever you see an offer, you can click on the plus sign. With your Target app, you can also scan the barcode of items to check if they have any discount offer. You can find all the weekly coupons of Target by going to Wallet in the app.


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