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Best Time Management Tips for Busy Students

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Balancing all responsibilities at your home, especially if you are a parent, going to work and providing for your family, and being a successful student at the same time may require you a bit more than 24 hours daily, but still, you are always left with just those 24 hours to check everything out of your to-do list.

By planning ahead and using your time wisely, you will be able to achieve way more than you can imagine. Many students have been assigned at least once to write an essay on time management or essay on leadership from their college teachers, and in them, they have already written how to manage time better and many tips and strategies that will help. Although many of them still choose to ignore what they have written in their Essays on time management or simply don’t try hard enough to achieve that.

If you are willing to make all the things in your daily life work better and learn how to manage school, family, work, friends, and hobbies, keep reading and find out the best time management tips for college students that will add some free time in your busy schedule.

Set Goals and Identify Time Wasters

It can be easy to get distracted, especially when busy and tired. So, try to identify what draws your focus away from your assignments and studies. It can be something like checking your social media, answering calls, guests coming over, basically anything. However, no matter what it is, you need to set goals that you won’t engage in during your study time. Instead, you can use those activities to reward yourself for accomplishing a task or staying focused.

Create a To-Do List

Pay attention to what you need to do and make a list where you will prioritize your tasks based on the due date of your assignments and the time you need to complete that task or assignment. It can be a plan in which you will write the priorities for your classes and lessons or create a plan to include your everyday activities. Whichever way, having that plan will motivate you and ensure you will do everything you need to.

Take time off

It is very important that you take some time off for yourself. Writing long essays or papers, long study sessions, or reading through essay examples can be exhausting, which requires some time away from the textbook, and screens. So, make sure that you give your brain a rest. For example, you can use a timer and every 30 minutes of study time, take a five 5-minute break.

Do One Thing at a Time

A University of London Research on time management for students showed that those who try to multitask experience a drop in their IQ as same as students who didn’t sleep the night before the exam. Meaning that if you try to do too many things at once, you will end up being less productive. So, try your hardest to not switch tasks until you complete the one before.

Establish Routines

A set routine is the best thing when it comes to being successful. For example, if you are free and your house is quiet in the mornings, you may want to start using that time to read your library books then. The more regularly you do that, the less you will have to think about when you will do your tasks for the day.

Learn To Delegate

Your friends and family won’t be able to study for you, but they can be of huge help when it comes to other things. You can always ask them to help you with your other chores while you continue your education. Having that help will give you a bit more time and will keep you focused on your studies, or you can use that time to take that long break that you deserve.


The key to being a successful student is recognizing the importance of time management and applying it in your everyday life. So, make sure that you try out the tips mentioned above and be a witness to a huge change in your path to your degree.


Jeff Campbell