11 Best Toys We Saw at the Toy Fair

Every year New York City holds an international toy fair which is a dreamland for children of any age. The gigantic convention center houses over 6,000 brands from all over the world.

Walk through the doors to be greeted by a wave of people dressed as Crayola crayons, life-sized Care Bears, Trolls, and Minions all made from Lego. 

The main focus in this year’s NYC toy fair 2020 was alternate reality based tech, alongside a focus on taking kids away from the digital world to encourage them to enjoy more physical play in the real world.

Most of the products that were on show were prototypes only being available to buy later on in the year, but there were still a huge amount of great things available to buy there and then, and here are the best 11 toys that we could find.

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Toys We Saw at the Toy Fair

1. Roylco Theo the Therapy Dog (Top Pick)

Theo is a stuffed dog intended to give comfort to children who suffer from sensory input problems. Containing a pouch of ceramic beads found inside the toy, they are placed to give off a soothing lavender smell when heated up in the microwave and also when chilled in the refrigerator. 

One of the strongest trends that we noticed at the fair this year was for “nurturing toys”.

These new toys inspire kids to enjoy caring for their pets and allow them to demonstrate empathy for the real world. Theo the Therapy dog was one toy that did the nurturing itself.

2. Baby Yoda Plush (Close 2nd)

Baby Yoda or “The Child” (as Disney wants him to be known) has been the ultimate marketing success from The Mandalorian Star Wars series. Mattel, the company responsible for the Baby Yoda plush has developed the product in two different versions: the 8-inch plush and the 11-inch plush. 

The larger one will be available around the springtime and comes in the hovering stroller as the packaging. This was certainly one of the most popular toys at the fair, you can expect to see plenty from Baby Yoda in the near future! 

3. Ambosstoys Toddler Scooters Primo (3rd Place)

Ride-on toys have historically been popular for many years, so it was no surprise that new toy releases are going to include this category.

At the toy fair, we saw an abundance of ride-ons including both horses and unicorns. This Italian styled push-on scooter keeps in with this trend but operates in an automotive world. We also loved the quality of the toy as it’s composed completely free from any plastic – a  strong bonus.

4. LEGO Technic Top Gear Rally Car

This product from Lego is the first of its kind. 

Motorized vehicles in which you can build have been on the market for a long time, however, this is the first that you can control remotely directly from your smartphone. This amazing car is a Top Gear edition and shows the mysterious drive of the show “The Stig” on the front of the box.

It’s not a quick build so it will take a good amount of time to create, and is around 10 inches long when completed. It comes with two electric motors which gives this rally car all-wheel drive, just like the real deal!

5. SmartLab Toys Tiny Baking Set

The tiny baking kit was one of the best toys we found at the American Toy Fair. Creating miniature versions of food has become a viral hit and with this baking set, and recipe book of 45 mini recipes, it’s the perfect activity for any little ambitious baker.

The 17-piece set comes with finger-sized oven mitts, a little rolling pin, and miniature baking sheets for making adorable mini pies as well as other sweet treats too.

6. Shore Buddies Stuffed Animal

Shore Buddies shares a stand-alone message and it is projected through many different ways.

These cute plush animals are made from recycled plastic water bottles, and each toy is shipped in plastic-free biodegradable packaging. The brand is donating $1 to non-profit organizations that share their mission from every product sold, making this an ethically-safe toy to buy.

This year there was a big push in the baby toy fair of green manufacturing and also the education of environmental issues. We love these animal toys that also come with a picture book-focused on teaching children about the ocean and recycling too.

7. LEGO Technic Catamaran 42105 Model Sailboat Building Kit

Lego was unsurprisingly one of the biggest brands at the toy fair, with lots of creations scattered around. However, this Model sailboat was without a doubt one of the best.

When completed, this model can sail through the water with ease, navigating through the waves thanks to working sails and rudders, giving the experience of how a real sailboat works for any child. We loved the innovative Lego toy that once again delivered on quality and design!

8. Shifu Tacto

Shifu Tacto was one of the tech products on our list that we fell in love with at first sight. With an ability to transform any tablet, apple or android device into a gaming platform, this nifty gadget is packed full to the brim with exciting features.

The game itself takes figurines on the screen that control the game and their digital representatives are displayed in-game. There are four different games that have been announced so far by Shifu but more will be being released in the future.

9. Razor Crazy Cart Shift

Razor’s Cart “Shift” is a two-speed lightweight drift kart for kids and it is guaranteed to provide hours of exhilarating fun for any little one. The rear inline skate wheels make it possible to skid around corners at high speeds while keeping safe thanks to its quality build and materials.

The lower speed of the motorized front wheel hub will take kids to a speed of 2.5mph and the higher speed reaching a super-fast 8mph. This toy got us raring to race and is one of the best finds that we spotted at the fair.

10. 3Doodler Build & Play

At the toy fair 2020 we found the newly developed version of the fantastic 3Doodler Build & Play, which after a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, has been hugely improved. Easier to use, the toy enables kids of a younger age to own their very own 3D pen that prints as they draw.

Innovative and exciting, we loved the endless possibilities that the toy offered and how safe it is to use. 

11. Thames Kosmos SolarBots

These Kosmos SolarBots kits are fully powered using solar power, making them another one of the new toys inspired by green manufacturing shown at the New York toy fair.

The SolarBots run anytime that they are exposed to sunlight, but they aren’t too big, meaning that they can be easily picked up when needed. For a fun-packed and environmentally-friendly toy, the bots were an excellent choice and brought a huge smile to our faces. 


Overall the New York Toy fair provides a wide variety of toys for kids of all interests and ages to enjoy. The hardest challenge will be choosing between all these amazing products!

With so many options available and plenty of creative outlets to explore with the toys, children of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy something from the list above. 

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